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  1. Hi Retro808, Thanks for your reply, will look into the member uploads. I just find it weird that music files for nes/snes are all there but for N64 (which is in my opinion the most popular platform) there is not a single music file. I will have to do some manual work here Thanks.
  2. Hi There, Launchbox newbie here (but veteran IT). First of all this is my new favorite frontend for pretty much everything that has to do with launching something (you dont say !). Small issue: I have multiple platform and theme music from my games were downloaded autotmatically from different sources (including Emumovies). Issue is for N64 platforme, 0 music, none. Question1: Where are theme song (from selection screen when you hover a game and the theme start playing) downloaded from ? Is it EmuMovies ? Question2: Is it just a normal issue and there is no actual providers for N64 games ? Thank you very much for your time. Jello
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