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  1. never mind, it was jsut a glitch restarted LB and all good 👍 i'll sync it to my cloud backup just in case
  2. i forgot to backup before i did this beta update, now everything from my categories are missing? says 0 under cats but under ALL it still shows all games.. how do i get my categories back?
  3. ahh I see.. thank you i get it now, just too early in the morning.. lol
  4. but i'm looking though this set of posts and i'm seeing discussions about beta 1-4? sorry, my bad.. i got confused
  5. i'm not seeing any of these beta builds after 8.7? and I do have beta builds turned on
  6. thanks for the help Jason greatly appreciated 👍
  7. okay thanks my Win 10 is on a SSD yeah.. maybe I just need more ram and new gpu
  8. I have a i7 4790 3.6Ghz, 8gb Ram, GTX 780ti and Windows 10 Pro.. I didn't think I would get that much of a performance drop
  9. i'm using Nostalgia theme, and I get quite bad lag going through my theme, and I don't use a controller.. only keyboard
  10. I am still having this error? even with latest Beta?
  11. everytime I try to import a ROM File I get an error? and it locks up my Launchbox and I have to Alt+Ctrl+Del to close process.. please help, what could be causing this? running latest free beta
  12. thank you i'll make sure to either stay free or buy premium from now on.. thanks for your help
  13. I get this error from a Clean install right off Launchbox website, I do not have a pirated version, not anymore.. I admit I used to back in the day, but my friend suggested to me not to do that, so now I am just using free version
  14. Everytime I try to update my Launch box I get this error preventing me from upgrading from my old version? can anyone help?
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