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  1. That did it! Works like a charm. Really appreciate your time for looking into this!
  2. Yes, all games work when I launch directly from RA. Just verified, I only had the FBAlpha core downloaded. Didn't realize the FBNeo core existed - just tried it now, and it also doesn't work with my Neo CD games (does launch AES/MSV just fine, though). Also, the FBNeo core won't load my Neo CD games directly in RA, but the FBAlpha core does without issue. I don't need any specific parameters to make this work, do I?
  3. Can't seem to find the answer to this, though I found a very similar post, that seems to have gone unanswered: I have my bin/cue Neo Geo CD games loading directly from Retroarch using the FBAlpha core. But, I cannot seem to get these to launch form within Launchbox. I used to do this through RocketLauncher, but i'm sick and tired of using it and would like to streamline things. Any ideas? I'm probably missing something simple... i'm still a little new to LB.
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