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  1. It is possible yet it's not recommended due to the implementation: https://github.com/xenia-project/xenia/issues/1707 That's what I ended up doing also. May I ask what are your different config and for which games? I could be really handy to have a centralised place where we share our settings. I personally have one config for XBLA games, one for CAVE games and a "vanilla" one but I'm only getting started ;D For CAVE Games gpu_allow_invalid_fetch_constants = true ---------------------------------------- For XBLA Games license_mask = 1 Edit: someone brought an even bette
  2. Hi, Xenia's settings are all handled in the xenia(-canary).config.toml file and they need to be tweaked for some games, for example: - if you switch between disc and XBLA games you need to switch between license_mask = 1/0 - for CAVE Games, you need to set gpu_allow_invalid_fetch_constants = true bu tis not necessarily true for other games Is there any way to have a per file config via Launchbox? Thanks guys!
  3. Do you guys know if the frame delay option in RA is of any help when using a gsync monitor?
  4. Wow! Doing god's work once again. Honestly I'm sure I can talk for all of us when I say THANK YOU for making such perfectionist work available to everyone. I'm not taking if for granted and I really appreciate how you are sharing these beautiful projects. 🤩
  5. If you are still accepting requests @Zombeaver, here are mine: Crash Nitro Kart Homura Jak & Daxter/ Jak III / Jak X Ratchet & Clank Going Commando / Ratchet & Clank Up your arsenal / Ratchet Deadlocked Thanks a lot!
  6. It's not the only emulator that doesn't work all of a sudden... How is this possible? I'm going to "reinstall" a backup I made recently and start the Atomiswave from scratch.
  7. Thank you so much Headrush for helping me out! Sadly none of this work but my problem might be even bigger because I can't even launch the games from Retroarch anymore...
  8. Ah oops no it's not then. 😅 Just updated the core and it's still not working. 😪
  9. Retroarch was not setup in Launchbox to unzip files, I ticked the box now but the problem is still the same... 😔
  10. It doesn't seem to work sadly. What's surprising is that if I launch an Atomiswave game via LB, then in my "recent" entries in RA, I have "sammy" so I guess LB is launching the right bios but it doesn't seem to be able to link it to the game afterward. My bad, I thought it could have been similar and of interest.
  11. My bad, I didn't check the menu in-game, it is there obviously and it's ON. I have no specific command line option for retroarch and I have set my Atomiswave with the Flycast core. I'm not even using this core for DC... So I guess it's about the internal DB like you said, what can I do about it? Your Atomiswave games via Flycast run just fine? P.S.: it seems another user faced the same issue with Naomi games:
  12. I'm sorry but I can't find this option anywhere in RA's menus... Why would it find the right system type if launched standalone but not if launched in LB though? 🤔
  13. I'm having an issue too with my Atomiswave games. If I launch them via Retroarch (Flycast) it loads normally but if I launch them via Launchbox it only launches the menu of the DC. So I guess LB doesn't ask for the proper bios or something along those lines but I can't find a workaround...
  14. Thanks neil9000! My bad, I was actually wrong, a lot of those games are in the database, I was just making mistakes in the process. Ico HD is missing from Launchbox's DB though it seems.
  15. Does anyone know why Launchbox is incapable of indetifying games that are part of a compilation (the several god of war, ico, etc) but only the compilation itself? It's a bit annoying because the compilation is useless to launch the games with rpcs3, you need to launch the independant game itself. Also those games exist independently on the PSN. Is there any way we could fix this? Thanks!
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