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    This is simply amazing. Thank you so much Lahma!
  1. Ok I’m wondering if it makes sense to fiddle with it then, I now have a 42inch screen so I can loose some part of the screen, it should still be big enough or is it doing something else I’m not aware of?
  2. Thank you, I'm going to try it out. ☺️
  3. Indeed! Out of this list, would you recommend some in particular? Concerning the DS and 3DS, should I just upscale and go?
  4. Thanks neil9000! Can I get the shader without the borders though? I'm not a huge fan of borders as I find them distracting when I play.
  5. I'm finally building a collection of emulated handheld consoles (GB, GBA, DS, 3DS and PSP) and I was wondering if you have some recommendations on how to make those games look nice on modern HD screens? Thanks!
  6. Hi Zombeaver, I just upgraded to a 4K screen and I'd like to keep your configs at least for the proper controller settings. Could you maybe guide me on what I have to remove or change in your settings for it to work in 4K? Also have you seen this article about Beetle HW and did you try the SSAA implementation? It seems very nice! Thank you!
  7. Thanks DOS76 but I finally found it! The lists are under the hash folder, no need to create them. 😱
  8. I'm trying since hours to find how to generate the gamelist of mame (so I can find how they named the dreamcast CHD to download the right ones) and I can't seem to find any answer online! I know it's possible because I used to do it but I can't recall how and it's driving me mad. Does someone know what I'm talking about or am I already crazy?
  9. I have the solution! Or rather Cammelspit gave me the answer and it's to set go in MAME.ini and change some settings: <keyboardprovider> and <mouseprovider> have to be set on <dinput> <joystickprovider> has to be set on <xinput>. A big thanks to him!
  10. I recently got a SteamLink so I'm checking if everything works fine with Launchbox (and it does so far!) and I have one problem with Mame. No matter if it's on the Link or directly on the computer, Mame shows a black screen and crashes back to BigBox if it's launched through Steam BigPicture. It works fine if launched directly or through normal steam (no BigPicture). Did anyone encounter this problem before and is capable to help me? Thank you!
  11. Ok I will give it a go then. Thank you. 😉
  12. Thank you for your answer neil9000. I had thought about this option because DEmul annoys me but I have quite a few WinCE games and don't really want to maintain two emulators... Why did you choose not to use Reicast libretro, if I may ask?
  13. Hi guys, I'm wondering where we are now in term of the dreamcast emulation fight? Between reicast libretro, DEmul and Redream, I can't decide. Anyone of you made some tests and came to a conclusion to this question?
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