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  1. Hehe indeed, thanks again for your help guys! Now that I'm here, did one of you tried to add RPCS3? Skate and Demon's Soul in 4k are really exciting me but I've heard it's a nightmare to set up.
  2. It works! Thank you so much to both of you, we made it. 😊
  3. Yes, on the latest "normal" release. Thank you for your help in any case. 😊
  4. It does quit Citra if I hit either Ctrl+Q or Alt+F4. The new script you just gave me doesnt solve the problem but instead gives me an error message at launch. 😥
  5. I can't find the menu where the "Exit Game" button is mapped but I can exit (and enter the pause menu with) all the other emulators but not this one surprisingly.
  6. In Running AHK script Your version doesn't work for me either, sadly.
  7. Strange, it doesn't work (not even the fullscreen part) for me...
  8. Thank you CDBlue! Did you succeed in setting Citra to close on Esc and to allow the Menu Pause through LB? I didn't so far...
  9. Can one of you help me understand what's the best choice today between libretro cores and standalones for 3DS, PSP and DS ? Thanks.
  10. Ok I’m wondering if it makes sense to fiddle with it then, I now have a 42inch screen so I can loose some part of the screen, it should still be big enough or is it doing something else I’m not aware of?
  11. Thank you, I'm going to try it out. ☺️
  12. Indeed! Out of this list, would you recommend some in particular? Concerning the DS and 3DS, should I just upscale and go?
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