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  1. Hi, i recently try to put my BigBox on a pendrive and every time i change a theme (only default works) i get 3 or 4 windows with a problem report I try to make a clean install like you can see in the image but the problem continue. I install the themes from the theme manager of BigBox. Note: Bigbox works without problems when is in my disk but only in the pendrive i get this problem.
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    Images too big

    Sorry for my level of english but i have a problem that´s bothering me since some time and i dont find any way to solve. When i play a game from launchbox or bigbox i get the start image too big and when it close it happens too (this is the image i get when i close a game its the same size wehn i play one) well i assume it was normal but recently i donwload pause menu theme and when i put pause in the game i get an image too big to see it comfortly (In this moment is when i realize than my problem wasnt normal because i see image of how it should looks) there is some way to
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