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  1. Well go and make that for me, now! Just kidding. That is a shame as that was the only reason I wanted to use RA so I could use a nice overlay but without the screen gap option it wouldn't work. That is okay, I have about 25k other games and cannot have everything. Thank you for replying.
  2. It specifically says to use the GL video driver and would you believe what made it work was NOT using the GL video driver. I tried null and it loaded straight up. Would anyone happen to know where the screen gap option is on the new RA menu as I cannot find it? I did it for the DS but now I am doing the 3DS in the new menu it is eluding me.
  3. Yeah as I said in my post I did watch a video about it but the videos aren't any help because setup is very straight forward. I have checked all the requirements such as file extension, decryption, video driver etc so on paper it should work, but it is not, RA just launches to a white screen then crashes. Even though standalone Citra is better if I cannot do it with RA I am going to forget the 3DS.
  4. Just wanted to ask about the 3DS in RA using the Citra core. I saw a video on how to set it up with RA but there is nothing special you really need to do. I have above OpenGL 3.3, my video driver is GL, my ROMs are decrypted and are .3ds. They will not work in RA alone or launched with LB. When I do try and play a game RA pops up, displays a white screen for a few seconds then closes. I know the standalone emulator might be better but I have seen RA do it fine. Has there been much progress on this core since I posted last in 2018 or is there anything I might look at asides from the above mentioned?
  5. I just thought I would post this here in case anyone is having trouble getting these to work in the future. Most people seem to get these working okay and I have done so successfully in the past with snes9x core. However, for some reason they were not working for me recently when I added them again to my setup. The only thing that made these games work for me was using the mesen-s core. So, if anyone is struggling give that a shot as it may work for you too.
  6. I have been very happy with my Hori FC but recently I have been playing PS1 and PS2 more as well as getting into the Wii U with the Cemu emulator and as a result I am yearning for analog sticks. There still seems to be no one controller to truly rule them all. The Hori Pad EX Turbo 2 looks like it would be a contender but it does not surface for sale regularly and when it does it fetches more than I am willing to pay. I just discovered the iBUFFALO BSGP16 and whilst it does not look like perfection, it looks very promosing and affordable: I am too big of a fighting game fan to use the XBOX or PS controller solely as they lack the 6 button layout on the front. Has anyone looked into or tried the iBUFFALO BSGP16?
    Breathtakingly stunning, absolutely beautiful! Okay, that is enough about me. Neon Deluxe Arcade is seriously gorgeous. I just implemented it for the first time and now cannot imagine going back to anything else. I have been using Viking's Nostalgia theme for BB and have been waiting for the completion of his color set but in the meantime I might have to give this a go on BB too as I am very impressed.
  7. Wow, I only just discovered these, they are stunningly beautiful. When you manage to finish the rest I am definitely switching over. Great work!
  8. Regarding cofig files and general saves in RA is there any reason why a particular platform/core might not save controls well? Nearly all of my platforms have no issues mapping controls but for some reason there are the odd one here and there which just do not seem to want to save inputs like the MSX and Super Famicom. Are some cores known to be fussy with saving inputs etc?
  9. Finally got this to work! Even though this little thing only had four games for it, I love it. I have wanted to get it working in Retroarch for some time now just to have the overlay of the unit.
  10. Thank you for that info. I manually edited my cfg to MACHINE_TYPE=Atari 5200 and I added the header info to my zipped ROM, I tried it zipped and unzipped with the zip and actual ROM file with header info but no go unfortunately. This still is a puzzle for me but I will come back to it in between other stuff I am doing on my set up, thanks again.
  11. I uninstalled everything, everything being RA, LB, controller drivers etc and everything is working fine now. There was something funky on my setup somewhere but I did not figure out where it is. I only have one question now regarding saving controller inputs, where exactly does it save to? Just for my own curiosity, thanks.
  12. Yeah I have tried it with about ten different roms, thank you for the suggestion though, I appreciate it.
  13. I hit F1 to bring up the menu, then I went to System Settings and the first option is Machine. I changed that from 800 to 5200 however it did not change anything. I did not do anything regarding resolution or controller settings because at this stage I still cannot get past the menu into a game. I would like it working of course though it is not something like the NES or Arcade where I would be devastated to not have it.
  14. Haha, we are all stubborn in certain ways. My stubbornness keeps me restricted to RA and MAME even if there is something superior out there for a particular platform. I am going to try what you just said if not today then definitely tomorrow and I will report back on the results, thank you.
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