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    I like it too, it makes it easier to hunt people down if they ever say something I do not like.
  3. Dane


    Bundaberg, QLD (Queensland), Australia. 01) Koalas are not bears. 02) Toilets flush both directions in both hemispheres. 03) Fosters is one of the most unpopular beers over here. 04) I, or most people here, have never put a shrimp on the ‘barby’. We do not even call them shrimp, we call them prawns. 05) About a quarter of Australians were born overseas (26%) which is a higher proportion than any other nation on Earth. So we are not all descendants of convicts.
  4. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    I used to have these, they were good quality and worked (when they wanted to) but out of all the controllers I had hooked up they were the biggest pain. I had standard joystick and button, trackball, spinners, keyboard, mouse and the lightguns. It was just all too much, so I decided I would just never play lightgun games after that. I always had difficulties setting up both guns for two players. Overall though if I had to get lightguns again I would go with the Aimtrack guns.
  5. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    That is quite possibly the worst advice I have ever received, I like it!
  6. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    I’m just here to play games too but sometimes the Gremlins get inside my computer and csuse havoc with settings because they do not want to me play for whatever reason.
  7. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    You are a brave soul. I had over 100 controllers when I collected for the SEGA Mega Drive but now I am all digital I have ONE controller. I say you are brave because anything over one controller on a PC scares me because of the possibility of gremlins getting in there and messing everything up. I even get the odd problem with one controller deciding to change stuff on its own.
  8. Bah! I figured it out, with no help from you bastards. Just kidding, I love you all. I had set everything up all nice and perfect. Did not touch RA for some time, then it messed up most of my settings. What it turned out to be, which was something obvious or simple as always seems to be the way, which was the aspect ratio had been changed from 'custom' to 'core provided'. Also, it turned framerates back on as well as mucked up half my handheld systems controls. Damn I hate it when Gremlins dick around with stuff. Anyways, that was it.
  9. I had all my handheld systems set up perfectly with overlays on RA. I went to play a few the other day and all have been messed up except for the NGB, NGBC and NGBA. The NGP, NGPC, SGG, Lynx and Vectrex have all been changed so instead of the game screen sitting neatly inside the overlay where it should be they are fullscreen behind the overlay. I have tried comparing the NGB systems settings on RA to the rest that have been messed up but I do not see any difference. Only thing is as well when I go to change the positioning on the screens again to fix them on RA's settings it does nothing. Has anyone encountered this issue before?
  10. I have many Super Mario Bros. hacks for the NES (about one-hundred of them) which are all .ips and .bps files which are compatible with Retroarch as stated here. I did not initially know about soft-patching when I added them to my setup. I quickly learned that Retroarch does not launch the patch files directly. So, I created a copy of my standard Super Mario Bros. ROM file which is the .nes extension and renamed it to one of the .ips patch files so they match, then changed LaunchBox to launch the .nes file and It worked! Only things, when you have to do this manually one-hundred times it is annoying. I manually did it all though and it only took about five minutes. I know this could be done with a batch file but I am not good with those, anyways. I thought I would post this because I did not really see anything on this forum (I may have just not searched hard enough) about this particular topic and thought anyone who searches about this in the future may get some help. As you can see here I have added title-screen and game-play shot as well as game info: Has anyone else done much with this on their setup? I love hacks of games like Mario and Sonic and have tons of them on my Launchbox.
  11. Dane

    Serious Flight Simulator Rig

    It's "that time of the month" for this aeroplane:
  12. Dane

    Serious Flight Simulator Rig

    If you are not an actual pilot the best flight simulator is to hijack a plane because not only is it real but it tests your abilities under pressure:
  13. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    Glad to hear you like the SF30 after the disappointment of the XBOX. At least now you have two awesome controllers to add a bit of variety.
  14. I just wanted to ask about this core on Retroarch. Is it known to have issues or not having been completed yet? I set it up to hopefully play the first five Touhou games and whilst it does work it is very jumpy making it not pleasant to play the games. I have all of the below files in Retroarch/system/np2kai except d8000.rom and bios9821.rom: np2/font.bmp Needed to display text - Required np2/FONT.ROM Alt font file - Required np2/bios.rom - Required np2/itf.rom - Required np2/sound.rom - Required np2/bios9821.rom - Optional np2/d8000.rom - Optional np2/2608_bd.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional np2/2608_sd.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional np2/2608_top.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional np2/2608_hh.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional np2/2608_tom.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional np2/2608_rim.wav YM2608 RYTHM sample - Optional Even though it says 'np2' I have read elsewhere the folder needs to be 'np2kai'. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and had luck with it? Also, regarding the two files d8000.rom and bios9821.rom, I know they are optional but I have found some files for the system and when I do a search in that folder in windows explorer it comes up with a folder called 'ideio.c'. Inside that file is a bunch of code and stuff that mentions the two files. Might that be the file and it needs to be renamed?
  15. Dane

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    That is a shame about the XBOX controller. I will be interested to hear what you think of the 8bitdo SF30 because even though I do not like the layout of the buttons it looks very cool. Long live Hori!