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  1. Dane


    I do not, I like to live life on the edge. Plus, ladies like bad boys. Seriously though, I really should do that. I just have not got around to it (famous last words I know). Thank you for the suggestion good sir.
  2. Dane


    I have my games backed up on identical hard drives but as for the LB side of it I am just risking it as it is not backed up.
  3. Dane

    new control panel

    The artwork on it is okay, but detracts from it a little. I would of went with something a bit better like this or this.
  4. @alec100_94 thank you for your detailed answer, very helpful and greatly appreciated.
  5. I have some PS2 games that consist of two files, which are .mdf and .mds. Which one of those I need to add to LaunchBox for PCSX2? Also, I was looking for a list online of compatible file extensions for PCSX2, but I cannot find one. Is it just .iso, .bin and either .mdf or .mds.? Are there any more? I ask because I have about 1.3k games each in separate folders and I do not want to leave any out when searching during importing. Thanks in advance.
  6. That is often a source of frustration unless money is no object, which it is to me. I filled up my 8TB, so tonight even though it hurt I just deleted my NDS, N3DS, PSP, PSP-Minis & MSU-1 titles. Reason is I would not have really played those all that much anyway, except the MSU-1 titles. Though I needed the space for my newly acquired 1,200+ PS2 titles. I guess I had to decide between spending money or deleting games I was not likely to play all that much. I started out trying to obtain every game on every system but it just got out of control so I have been cutting back. I know that probably does not help, but would you possibly go down that route also?
  7. That’s very cool, it’s such a large library space wise. I look forward to exploring the PS2 more as I only ever had a handful of games for it.
  8. Out of curiosity has anyone obtained a full PS2 library? I have been trying to get there for a couple of months now and gee it is time consuming. I have not seen a full set available, understandably so due to the size. So I have been acquiring them individually. I have 910 titles thus far but won't add them to LB until I am done. Boy oh boy I look forward to having all of that PS2 goodness!
  9. Holy crap, that is devastating. That’s my worst nightmare. There was a big storm here the other night so I turned the computer off and pulled the plug out from the wall. I know you’d do that in a storm anyway but I did it just with the games in mind as they are so precious to me. How did both of yours die?
  10. Dane

    Just had a quickie!!

    Just add them as their own platform, during the adding process pick any emulator and then after they’ve been added uncheck the use emulator checkbox in the game options. That’s what I did anyway and it worked.
  11. I completely agree with that statement.
  12. Dane

    Cabinet Controls Thoughts and Setup?

    My old arcade cabinet was 2 player and had two joysticks with 8 buttons each player, 2 light-guns, 2 spinners, 1 trackball and a keyboard/mouse. It all worked just fine but occasionally the PC would have a spaz-attack and something would need re-configuring. That is bound to happen with PCs, they have a mind of their own at time. I have seen FAR more complicated setups out there that seem to work. I think like everything though the more stuff there is the more chance there is something will go wrong. You just have to be prepared to fault find and fix when stuff decides to play up a bit but I am sure you can get it where it will run smoother than a babies buttocks.
  13. Dane


    I have two hard drives that are mirrored for my LB setup as well as two hard drives that are mirrored with my films, shows and music. I double everything because I have too much stuff to lose. It would be far too devastating to lose it all. So, if one of the hard drives for any given media I have fails I would immediately rush out and buy another to back it up again. If the crazy occurrence happens where both failed simultaneously then I'd just kill myself.
  14. Dane

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    I vote for it to be used as the official LB flash games platform background/video, haha.
  15. Dane

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    Yes indeed, I am sure every system's library of ROMs has been downloaded many many times by many people. I guess because these flash games, or at least all together in the one spot aren't all that easy to come across which is why a lot of people are showing interest. When people kept asking for them my brain just had that image of vultures circling around a corpse, waiting and wanting.