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  1. Launchbox 8.2 Released - Change Log

    It happened again. I had BigBox running and left for about 2 hours and came back and it was sitting at the desktop and BigBox was no longer running. No-one else was home so I know nobody was messing with it. I'm also continuing to have the problem where sounds effects in Mame are often stuttering... This problem in Mame does not exist when launched from HyperSpin. It is only when launched from BigBox. In fact, both HyperSpin and LaunchBox/BigBox are using the exact same installation of Mame. I've disabled all transitions, and I'm now using text (not logos) for my game wheel.
  2. Launchbox 8.2 Released - Change Log

    It has been 24 hours and BigBox is still running. I need to consider that maybe my kids are exiting it.
  3. Launchbox 8.2 Released - Change Log

    Latest beta of BigBox is either crashing or exiting to desktop on its own if I leave it running for awhile (at least an hour). I do have attract mode on. This is happening every time. It did not happen before.
  4. No, it is not launching multiple instances of Mame. I have confirmed that is not the issue.
  5. I've been having performance problems in most MAME games since I updated LaunchBox/BigBox in March. I'm getting the audio "echo" where sound effects are playing twice in most of my games, and this is well known issue that occurs if the computer is being bogged down... and in this case I believe it it is happening because of recent changes to BigBox. I actually went BACK to HyperSpin and the problem goes way. The latest version of BigBox is definitely causing a significant performance hit that it did NOT have before.