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  1. So I noticed in the 8.2 beta that LaunchBox is going to have a new interface. I know it's necessary for LaunchBox to move forward but I would just like to add a request. And that is optimization for low-end hardware. Because most of the time LaunchBox (or BigBox) is used for projects like turning old PCs into Arcade Cabinets. So, um. I hope this request will get noticed.
  2. But this is weird. The nightlies crash, but the stable ones run fine.
  3. *curses* turns out I didn't had the DirectX 9.0c Runtime blah blah installed. I went to the main site of retroarch and there downloaded the installer. Now it runs fine. Thanks DOS76!
  4. Hmm maybe I'll try updating my drivers first. So um, how do you update drivers?
  5. I'm using AMD Legacy drivers. So, uh, no gl for me then?
  6. So I did a clean install of windows 10 and my my, retroarch crashes on startup.
  7. I'm really sorry if this is the wrong section to post on. But anyways. In the last part of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you need to shout something. And um, how do you do it in with an emulator?
  8. That's kinda great then. Hope I get to win one
  9. So uh, I somehow came across a video in YouTube that was about LB Premium giveaways. So, um, does it happen yearly or something?
  10. Just downloaded the stable one, and somehow it works. Wait lemme send you a link to the nightlies. ♪Running in the nightlies♪ I suck at puns haha http://ppsspp.org/downloads.html#devbuilds
  11. Wait wait wait, are you perhaps using the stable PPSSPP build or the beta ones. I'm using the beta one, shoot I forgot to tell
  12. Tried drag n' dropping but still crashes. Also what I meant by command line is the default one. You know, like this "D:\Games and Stuff\Emulators\PPSSPP" "somegame.iso/cso"
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