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  1. I'm guessing Patreon is in the same boat? Could, perhaps, a donation be made to ETA Prime as he seems involved with the team? Or can a donation be made to any other source? It can remain as "just a donation". Wow this must be frustrating for you devs.
  2. Well I almost did the impulse buy and bought it this weekend only to come to the same stop as you, Z3R0B4NG. Would love to pay for the software but perhaps something can be arranged through a donation? I am not going to sign up for a CC just for this piece of software. I understand that, due to the nature of this software, that getting Paypal support will be rough but if you could point me to some other means, I will gladly make the purchase.
  3. Noredor


    Ok that is a fair deal. So I will purchase the 20 version to test it and upgrade asap if it works. To keep things nice and clean I will do that next weekend when I have time to test it right away, so I can confirm straight away. Like I said, I do not expect to want a refund but I am asking just in case. PS: is this *THE* ETAPRIME of youtube fame? Wow!
  4. Noredor


    Yeah I was sort of dreading that. Are refunds a possibility? When I do buy it I will know within hours if it suits my needs or not. What would be a wise way to proceed? Don't get me wrong: I am more than willing to pay for this wonderful product (and from what I read online SteamLink works well) but I find €50 kind of a big investment for a "chance".
  5. Noredor


    Hi there! Came across your wonderful product and a friend of mine bought a license back in the day, although he has no longer access to his registered email and has not gotten a reply from these fine folk yet about how to proceed I thought I would ask for myself how to test the full BigBox version. I recentely discovered the joy of a SteamLink and emulation, oh such joy! Now most of the features I am looking for are locked behind the bigbox paid app so I cannot test them. Is there any way to test these features? Perhaps a 7 day trial or in an extreme case a refund if it doesn't work as expected? I am looking to buy your product I just want to make sure it works as I expect it to, SteamLink and all. How would one proceed? Thanx!
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