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  1. Thanks @Mr. RetroLust - got me on the right track! Needed to untick these two boxes on BigBox.
  2. Hi All, Need some help please! When I specify a 'fan art' image as a background, it seems to show correctly in the editor, but in Big Box itself, it shows a logo or 3D game box instead. I'm not sure if this is some sort of issue with the theme creator output, a setting in BigBox or I'm doing something wrong. PS. Dave, this happens in the older version also, but I was waiting to see if v2 fixed it. Theme file's available here if it helps, but happens in others also: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoFueavJ8K0m3Jc7PGBfyVCeBe_Ydw?e=5Pg68u Image 1 is in the editor, Image 2 is in BigBox. Thanks!!!
    New update is awesome Dave. Thanks so much for your work on this and the effort you have made to provide this to the community!
  3. All good y2guru. I've been in IT for nearly 20 years, so you can guarantee either a reboot or a reload generally fixes everything. Ha ha ha!! Thanks mate.
  4. Hi y2guru, very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately work is currently very busy. Anyway, I've done some more testing on this machine, another machine and on a virtual machine. This issue appears to be specific to the machine I use for editing themes, with the other systems working fine. With that being the case, I'm going to blow the machine away on the weekend and not waste anymore of your time. No one else is reporting the same issue either, so I'll take it as something on my end specifically. Thank again for your hard work on this. Appreciate it. ?
  5. Hi @y2guru - Firstly, thanks for the awesome application. I've been very much enjoying editing some themes up, some I hope to release one day. I seem to have an issue with the release. Unfortunately, I know longer see available videos displayed in the editor. Everything else is ok (images etc) but not videos. I've tried deleting and re-importing the videos, changing the file permissions on the video files, running as admin, running from clean install with the default themes that comes with the download, re-installing Launchbox / BigBox to default location (i have it installed on a 2nd drive with my emulations / rom files, but no luck at this stage. However good news, when publishing the theme - everything works as expected. No issues seeing the videos's within the editor either. This seems specific to the Video files only (I'd tried with both 'Selected Item Video and 'User Defined Videos') Is there anything else I can help here to diagnose the issue?
  6. Have you installed the fonts that come with the package? I had a similar issue after reloading my machine, and that fixed it.
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