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  1. You can do this in the list view but not in the images view. In the list view, click on the column header to sort by that column.
  2. I have done my own testing of LaunchBox's behavior. I want to make a couple of corrections and additions to Zombeaver's original post. Here are the four ways to match a media file to a game: 1. Match game title to the media filename. The file extension is ignored Upper case vs. lower case is ignored In the filename, all illegal filename characters from the title (as well as ' single quote) must be replaced by _ (underscore). A title of "Ultima III: Exodus" matches a filename of "Ultime III_ Exodus.jpg". If there is a run of multiple consecutive illegal char
  3. I am working on some tools that involve transferring games, images, videos, manuals, etc. between different installations of LaunchBox. To get this right, I need to know how image/video/manual/etc. files are matched to the games. Is this algorithm public knowledge? @Jason Carr Is it possible to see some pseudo-code (or actual C# code) for this? The main questions are: what are the string transformations performed on the game title in order to match with image/video filenames, and how do the regional sub-folders work? For example: Images\Sega Saturn\Box - Front vs. Images\Sega
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