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  1. Dont unzip everything! Use Hoxs64, add a c64 game, then enter under "emulation" edit, the following command: "-autoload C:\LaunchBox\7-Zip\Temp\Ghostbusters_II_Side_1.g64" Launchbox is extracting the game "Ghostbusters II" as an example in Temp Folder under 7Zip and is automatic starting Disk 1. Or use the "Load"*",8,1 command in Launchbox: "-autoload C:\LaunchBox\7-Zip\Temp\Ghostbusters_II_Side_1.g64" ":*" Now when you start the game from launchbox, the emulator will type in automatic the standard c64 load for games! Have fun.
  2. Ok i figured it out, all is working now: Add a c64 game, your files MUST have underlines in filename, or it doesnt work! Now go to "Emulation" box under edit and enter the following command: "-autoload C:\LaunchBox\7-Zip\Temp\Ghostbusters_II_Side_1.g64" It is a example for the game Ghostbusters 2 C64 Version. The filename "Ghostbusters_II_Side_1.g64 is the one, that is in the temp folder, after you have started it in Hoxs64. Be careful: You must edit all your c64 games to work in the same way. When you move your launchbox folder, place it to the same folder as before!
  3. Hello, sorry to understand me, but english is not my first language ;-) I have a problem with commodore 64 files and uncompressing them. All files are .zip, i have checked the option "extract rom archives before running", but Hoxs64 or Vice are only loading the LAST DISC into the emulator. It cant load the game of course, i need the first disk! What can i do to force the uncompressing tool to load in the first disk?
  4. For Commodore64, dont use Vice. Vice is not good, when playing games in fullscreen. It has sound stutter problems. Better use Hoxs64, very accurat and no sound problems.
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