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  1. Hmm didn't realize this was the case >> https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1446/autohotkey-on-a-per-game-basis >> I'll have to test when I have more time. I expect it will work, just require more of my time to configure, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I don't really use AHK and was wondering if I can get a hand from somebody, I'm thinking this would be easy. I have a game which always launches a "configurator" but it saves the settings from last time I played, so I can just hit Enter then go back to my couch. Can anybody automate this so that AHK fakes an "Enter" keypress say 10 seconds after game launches?
  3. Well at this point I think I'll just go hunting for a new theme :), there's lots of good themes coming out and I can customize them to my liking. I have a feeling going to a vertical wheel theme will fix both my issues. Thanks
  4. Hey @Grila, Im not sure if I responded to this, but my display is a regular 16:9,1080p acer monitor. The problem replicated itself on another computer, I'm guessing it's something to do with my theme. I could try to replicate the setup, its basically "Griddles Boxview" with some small art changes. If you ever wana debug, I will do whatever to help, but it's really just tiny font, not a deal breaker. I'm just doing some maintenance on my LB and poking around on your github page. 2 things I wanted to mention, I couldn't find the actual .DLL on your github, is the file now split into multiple smaller files? (Like just drop the whole folder into plugins?). Another was related to how it is an issue for me to hold R since i use Left to Right scrolling wheel. I noticed you made a few booleans in your code for "Game Details". Would it be possible to make the hotkey a boolean so I (or others theoretically) could set it to something else, IE: for me I'd want it to be Up or Down. This project/thread has been a great success, hope you are feeling pretty awesome for the contribution!
  5. I just want to say what an awesomely easy process it was to fix this problem. I got worried as I updated, what if I broke my install! I spent a lot of time on it. Then it did break, but was easy to re-install via updates folder. One note, my games collection was empty on first launch (pretty scary!), but appeared after exiting and re-launching :). This is the first update that ever went wrong, likely due to BigBox not closing properly, but I feel better knowing the risk is minimal when I upgrade.
  6. Am I crazy, but I would like both, that way I can view details when browsing random games. I haven't heard much from you in a while @Grila any chance of this becoming part of BigBox mainstream? I'd love to get updates via the regular channels. I also was hoping to see if any progress had been made on the hotkeys front, I still have trouble selecting the proper platform. I usually go one to the left then hold right, but it doesn't always work. And my font is still tiny. My DPI is set to 100%, so I'm not sure what causes the issue.
  7. @Grila First let me say Awesome Job! I did a trial installation today and here is my findings. 1st, in the image in your installation doc's you cut out the top </GRID> tag, this will likely confuse most people and they will get the following Error: "The Grid start tag on line X position Y does not match the end tag of 'Canvas'." 2nd, the font is ultra tiny in my setup, but not seen in others screen shots. 3rd, I use a horizontal wheel so holding left/right results in platform switching. I tested and it consistently works where like above, I was on Wii when I held right. (Solution: somehow see if view is horizontal/vertical and switch L/R for U/D)? Or have more API Keys made available to you like you mentioned @Jason Carr adding to base code. Last is really a "install tips" I would add, which is you can find your default view via Esc >> Options >> Theme >> Views "Default Startup" = Platforms Platforms List View = Platform Wheel 1 And here is the code snippet I would have added in the image for how to setup. Eg: <Image Source=*******/> </Grid> </Grid> <Grid Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}"> <bbrgs:RGSv2_0 HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"/> </Grid> </Canvas> ----Update----- After further testing, in the image above, you can see it says "Nintendo Wii", but it's on the "Nintendo Wii U" platform. Well the playmodes seem to be related to the "Nintendo Wii" but selecting a playmode brings me a random "Nintendo Wii U" Game based on the platform selected in the background. My issues are clearly related to the fact I use a horizontal wheel. I could think of a solution like declaring the platform in the beginning of the code, but I think there would be better ways like fixing the LR hotkey combo so the platform doesn't change when I hold the hotkey. In its current state its 100% usable, I just had to learn the quirks, but I just wanted to give my feedback from testing. Thanks again for the awesome coding job and really listing to and implementing feedback. It's like nothing I have ever seen.
  8. This is why I was a little surprised to see the old version deleted and unavailable. I will be keeping a copy locally but perhaps both should be available. I always like to see older version archived. I'm at work but looking forward to testing this later tonight! Awesome work
  9. The wheel spin causes a huge lag on my system so I love that it goes to the game Details page. That being said I wish that it was bound to a button or a keyboard shortcut so that I could use it on a platform View, and it would only look for games in that platform. The current implementation works for me I had fun playing random games the other night, I just wish I could filter by platform. Suggestion make random games a whole sub menu, with Advanced filters. That way it doesn't clutter up current menu.
  10. @Grila I haven't been able to test this yet but this looks super promising as well as the polishing off of the features you mentioned! Exactly what I said we needed, seems like a simple concept and it's going to change my day to day gaming big time!!! Thanks!!
  11. @Retro808 a big bucket was open for this feature, but it was resolved via a patch in my opinion. Not a full implementation. I don't see a way to reopen the issue and that seems a bit harsh, my only recourse would be to create another issue but it's the same thing. I did comment on the bitbucket issue. Suggestions are welcome!
  12. Ohh @Mr.Laor me too... Me too :(. But until enough "noise" is made, they seem to be focusing of other things and consider this fixed. (I never use this feature....) Hopefully they can see view stats in this page and see how much it's wanted by users. Heck I'd pay for it!
  13. I'm comfortable with not copying my emulators, I told him we can't play the same game at the same time, but I have tons of games and not that much extra space. I may end up just getting him a retropie.
  14. This seems a little over complicated. There's a lot of files and I'm not sure which is what. I'll probably just end up copying the directory and doing a nightly rsync. Wasted storage in my opinion but I have storage to spare.
  15. Is there a way I can share the library so I only have to update one?
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