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  1. That's exactly what I mean. The reason for wanting to use the ROM name for the artwork is so I can change the name of the games and keep the filenames of the media the same. As I like to use LB as a database for my SBC's, ubiquitous file naming is essential. So an example of where I'd find this useful: For 2 and 4 game variants that appear together in a playlist or wherever, being able to change the game name to show which is which in the game title, without making my media useless outside of LB. However I have just had a brain moment.......simply put your media into LB after you have done your game renaming. This avoids having to correct media filenames as you change game names, which is long. But this means having prior knowledge of this, so I hope the guys give the option, after they work down the list. It's the little nuances.
  2. I like to have my media organised to the filename of the rom/game. I noticed when changing the game name in LB, it automatically changes the file names of all associated media. Is there a way to turn this off?
  3. Ah I see, didn't realize that there were top down videos of the table view. I have found the video snaps but unfortunately they are displaying horizontally. Is this an easy fix?
  4. I can always help with any Photoshop stuff. Just holla. Also which image folder displays the main board for Pinball FX platforms tables view? I have the Psudo-Scoreboard images in the 'game title' folder which is displaying on both the scoreboard and the main play board. TIA
  5. 3tb is my self imposed limit. Games for play not 'display'. Suppose you're either a player or a librarian.
  6. Are there Platform Logos for, Konami e-AMUSEMENT, Namco ES3, Raw Thrills, Europa-R, Lindbergh and Naomi 2? I cant find them in the downloads or @scooter1974 playlist pack. If not I can put them together quick.
  7. I just found @scooter1974 playlist pack just a few entries up. Thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for.
  8. This is a great theme. Loving that it's getting hype. Just a quick question, are there Clear Logos for Platforms/Collections like Beat em Ups, Flying Games, Fighting Games etc etc?
  9. How do I structure to get Collections art to show? I created a 'Collections' category, and that is showing in the theme as expected. I created a custom playlist for 'Aliens Collection' and put it in the Collections Category. I didn't show in big box as a collection with the custom art etc etc. How do I get this theme in Big Box to recognize the Collections, do I create a playlist and put it somewhere? EDIT: I answered my own question. Simply change the view. What a spacecadet.
  10. So I've been trying to get Demul to run correctly. It runs ok, but the sound is distorted like a youtube video from 2008, or like its drunk. It is a documented issue. I made sure to set my graphics card to run on full performance with the demul.exe and still have the issue. I had read this was the fix as apparently windows doesn't think Demul needs a much as it does. I'm on the most recent version. Using cdi. My specs are AMD 8350 - 2GB GTX Nvidia - 16gb DDR3. I would have thought this is enough to run it. Checking the usage through task manager shows hardly anything being used on the CPU or GPU. Reicast is working fine. The only other thing I can think is I dont have a driver or runtime or I have not set my graphics card to use demul correctly?? Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Cool, thanks guys. I thought I had seen it at some point. I did what Monkus said, as I have on many occasions.
  12. Just tried that, un-checking the auto populate doesn't get the playlist to appear when trying to add a game. Using different auto populate combinations to try and get them all and deleting the ones that spill over.
  13. Hi, I auto generated playlists for my mame collection, but for some reason some playlists arent getting them all. So I just wanna add the few that are missing manually. When I right click to add to playlist there is no option to add to any playlist that has been auto generated. How can I do this?
  14. Dude once again you've helped me with the obvious, Mucho grassyass
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