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  1. How do I structure to get Collections art to show? I created a 'Collections' category, and that is showing in the theme as expected. I created a custom playlist for 'Aliens Collection' and put it in the Collections Category. I didn't show in big box as a collection with the custom art etc etc. How do I get this theme in Big Box to recognize the Collections, do I create a playlist and put it somewhere? EDIT: I answered my own question. Simply change the view. What a spacecadet.
  2. So I've been trying to get Demul to run correctly. It runs ok, but the sound is distorted like a youtube video from 2008, or like its drunk. It is a documented issue. I made sure to set my graphics card to run on full performance with the demul.exe and still have the issue. I had read this was the fix as apparently windows doesn't think Demul needs a much as it does. I'm on the most recent version. Using cdi. My specs are AMD 8350 - 2GB GTX Nvidia - 16gb DDR3. I would have thought this is enough to run it. Checking the usage through task manager shows hardly anything being used on the CPU or GPU. Reicast is working fine. The only other thing I can think is I dont have a driver or runtime or I have not set my graphics card to use demul correctly?? Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Cool, thanks guys. I thought I had seen it at some point. I did what Monkus said, as I have on many occasions.
  4. Just tried that, un-checking the auto populate doesn't get the playlist to appear when trying to add a game. Using different auto populate combinations to try and get them all and deleting the ones that spill over.
  5. Hi, I auto generated playlists for my mame collection, but for some reason some playlists arent getting them all. So I just wanna add the few that are missing manually. When I right click to add to playlist there is no option to add to any playlist that has been auto generated. How can I do this?
  6. Dude once again you've helped me with the obvious, Mucho grassyass
  7. So I have my CHD roms sorted, they just wont run. I have the bios in my roms folder. Is there anything else I'm missing? Using GX Plus through retroarch. Cheers
  8. I have the same issue, getting the Emulation Halted screen. Tried messing with the settings a lot but no joy. I have the bios too. Only since I updated RA.
  9. Thanks mate, I thought there may be a magical answer. Hardware is the answer.
  10. So I'm almost done with my all killer MAME build. While play testing stuff I noticed all Namco System 22 (Alpine Racer, Ridge Racer, Time Crisis etc) Games were not running smooth at all. I'm running it on a 8 Core PC so it's not performance. I have read up and there are others with the same thing but could't find a definite answer. Is there a better way of running these games with a different version of mame? If yours are working which mame version do you have? Cheers
  11. Yeah good idea, I've set both L2 and R2 to the Z trigger. I'm gonna figure out an optimum layout using this.
  12. Done this recently with my Mame selection. I personally went with 650 roms including all the games from a good franchise or series, like KoF, Street Fighter, 1945 etc etc. I didn't really concentrate too much on the classic 70s and early 80s games because I didn't think they'd get played. Pac-man, Defender, Robotron and any actual good classics are in there, I'm picky but not a monster. I trawled through a merged set, manually gathering all the roms I needed for others after I selected the ones I wanted. Even going as far as opening the zips up and adding the bins they needed to run, and re-zipping. I spent 2 weeks doing this including testing, gathering bios files, and config for certain roms. To find this project going on and realising I should have used a non-merged set, and just how much time I could have saved made me want to cry. But I learnt a hell of a lot about Mame...kinda. I should have stayed in school. For what its worth do you want to see the list of titles I went with?
  13. I'll make some inquiries and report back.
  14. Awesome. Does it support custom controller config per game? So i can run goldeneye on 2 sticks like RA?
  15. Is there a way to get the stand alone to work with LB? I read your guide on the standalone and wondered if there is a way these days? I have tried both core version and SA, and SA just looks sooo much better. May not get 60fps but that's ok for me, everything runs nicely and looks great.
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