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Feature Request - Expanding/Collapsing Platforms


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Almost forgot, following on from my post in "Dexter's Collection", I have a new feature request. As mentioned previously in another thread, adding more layers to the GUI would take a lot of work (this was regarding having a "Main Menu" to choose a platform first) so I have come up with a different idea that might be much easier to implement. When you sort your collection by platform, you get the bars which separate each. 01 How about adding a expand/collapse function to those bars? For example: All games can be hidden and only the bars shown. Add an icon to expand: 02 When the icon is clicked, the platform expands and the games are shown. This can then be collapsed to hide the games again. When expanded, an icon to collapse: 03 This could be taken a step further for aesthetic purposes and allow the users an option to add a platform logo and console icon: 04 You could have an option to start with these expanded or collapsed. Would this be easier to implement? What are your thoughts?
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Thanks for detailing this, bd. Yes, I do think it would be easier to implement than multiple layers, and I agree that it would be a good solution. I worry a bit about being able to do any animation to open and close them, but animation or not it'd still be useful. I'll look to add it after we get the game details squared away and squash the outstanding bugs. Thanks again. :)
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I am coming back to this, because I have another idea. Maybe you can use these platform separators further, by adding icons (like on the charms bar) that have features that can be set to a specific platform. For example, this came to mind because of the talk of adding non-installed Steam games in another thread. You could have a shortcut (icon) to hide non-installed games, or/and to list installed games first. Or an option to show only the favorite marked games from that platform. Or even something like flipping all the covers from that platform to the back, or whatever, but do you see where I am going? I'm sure this could be handy for other current and future features too. Just a thought.
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