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LaunchBox Audio Crackling / Freezing


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So, I am having a unique problem that Jason and I have never come across so far. Pretty much, from the second LaunchBox opens till it closes, anything I am listening to wether it be Music or Video's in any application, I get crackling. This also includes games. It crackles worst when its closing to the point I usually have to take my headphones off because it hurts really bad. On top of this, when ever I leave LaunchBox alt-tabbed for a period of time, usually 5-10 min, coming back to it the program locks up, fades to white and stops responding. If I give it enough time it might come back to, but more times than not I have to forcefully close it, and thus any progress I made working in LB is lost. I have a giant library (over 6k) with several consoles. Has anyone ever come in to this issue? I gave Jason my XML file to see if he could reproduce it, and he can't. It wont have any images but it will have all my data. If anyone wants my XML file to test it out, let me know so I can upload it. I have LaunchBox with all 12GB of its images on an internal HDD that has constant use, so its not going to sleep. It was on my OS internal drive and has been on an external before. I give LB 2GB of ram now (I was hoping that might fix the problem), so those are some of my general settings.
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So this is very specific. I may have solved the problem... Unchecking the Gamepad option in the options menu makes the audio crackling start and stop instantly. It also so far seems to be stable and not locking up on me... So, if anyone uses a PS4 controller on their PC with InputMapper, I checked the use gamepad option and detect all gamepad's and it was detected as a Generic USB Device. When you play any audio does it crackle? Do you get performance issues? I would like to know and it would help us pinpoint things down. Or how about if you use a controller at all? Might help determine if its LB or the program.
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Hi Jason while Ireland has beautiful scenery and a fairly ok way of life it is expensive living here, foods etc the health service at the moment is not the greatest with waiting lists etc and unemployment high in the country side but better prospects in the cities, accomadation though can be very expensive in the cities. But there are fairly ok prospects of getting employment if one is as good at computers coding etc which you are with google apple and some other major companies here. Apart from that i couldnt advise as i live in a small rural community with high unemployment but always the prospect of a brighter future as the country and economy is coming clear of recession.
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