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My Fairchild Channel F collection


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Fairchild-Channel-F.jpg This is my collection for the Fairchild Channel F. At the moment it contains 30 game titles, the included system game, cartridges #1 - #26, and the German Saba Videoplay cartridges #1, 16, and 20. This is 30 games of my entire large library of 6,162 games and counting... I have only roughly 1,100 loaded into LB many of which are not in thegamesdb or thegamesdb do not recognize my rom names. Extremely painfully slow internet and having to manually add each rom as an app for WinKawaks and MESS64 are slowing me up a bit. Still trying to get thegamesdb.net to add Fairchild Channel F to their platform DB.
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SentaiBrad said
ps4isthefuture said No, never new about it until I watched a youtube series called The Video Game Years by Retroware. It was the first cartridge based console and released in 1976.
I actually applied to be their editor.
That would have been a awesome gig! Fun facts about the Fairchild Channel F: 1. Was the first console to use cartridges (as mentioned above) 2. First console to use a microprocessor 3. First console to allow you to compete against a computer (CPU) player 4. First time a "Pause" function was introduced (it was a button called "HOLD", most people believe it was the Atari 5200 that was first. Atari was the first, I think lol, to use the word "Pause" on the controller or system for a console.) 5. In 1976 it retailed for 179.99 US (roughly $700 today) I'm preparing two more platforms to post for my collection, Emerson Arcadia 2001 from 1981 and Bally Astrocade (Professional-Arcade-Astrocade) from 1977. I'm working on my Second-Gen systems and going to work my way to the present...well as far present as I can for the consoles anyway.
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