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Watch 3D without glasses on you PC


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Ok try this video, follow the instructions. It takes a bit to get the hang of it, about 45 sec for me but when you focus in the correct spot it is amazing, crystal clear 3D. I'm not joking, if you can't see it keep trying. If you can't look cross-eyed I'm sorry. Not 100% crossed maybe 20 - 30%, like trying to focus in front of your screen, not the screen itself. Try putting your finger at the middle of your screen, focus on your finger. Slowly move your finger toward you, still focusing on your finger but watch the screen. When you hit the right spot you will see the video in 3D. Also watch in in fullscreen 1080p. Test Video https://youtu.be/zBa-bCxsZDk Then try this if you got the hang of it. https://youtu.be/77qzVfw2jUs
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Jason Carr said That's crazy. I remember screwing with those Magic Eye things...I guess this is it in video form?
I still can't do the magic eye thing. I know you are suppose to focus past the image but just as I almost have it, I loose the image. But this I have no problem doing, except a movie preview I watched, because it kept flashing from scene to scene really fast so I could not obtain a focus for more than a sec or so at a time.
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