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Hello all, Has anyone tried to use LB with ZDoom? I set it up as like i would for a ROM emulator. i use the .WAD files as the ROM. it works great except for HEXDD. My path for ZDoom executable is:
I placed the .WAD files in:
I put the DOOM2.WAD and others in the same directory. It work great except for the HEXDD.WAD. As a default command line argument for the "emulator" ZDoom i use "-iwad" I check the box to remove the quotes and in the preview line under manage emulators it reads:
gzdoom.exe gzdoom.ini -iwad file
If there are any others out there that have tried this and could offer any help I would be grateful.
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I also use gzdoom in application mode, as I do for all my Windows games. However, if it works in emulator mode then that's fine too. I'm not sure if this is your problem with Hexen Deathkings. This is an expansion pack for Hexen Beyond Heretic and so it needs the HEXEN wad in gzdoom. If the HEXEN wad is missing then HEXDD won't run.
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Thank you scree, I had forgotten to "tell" ZDoom where to look for the base Hexen.wad file. Adding
to the
section of the gzdoom.ini file fixed the problem. Jason, you are right in that its not a lot of disk space, and more trouble than its worth to troubleshoot separating it out, but to be honest I enjoy tinkering with the way things are setup more than actually playing the games. I suppose the reason for doing it like an emulator is the same reason i have Windows 3.1 running through DOSBox on my tablet. It all comes down to: "Because its there." How does the saying go? "I do because I can; I can because I do."....
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