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Hi Jason and everyone, its been a while since I made a post. I was wondering today while playing a Total War game at Steam and taking screenshots of my battles: How about a screenshot feature for LaunchBox? I mean, there is a program called Ice that let you add emulators and roms to your steam library, and while playing them you can enable the Steam overlay and take screenshots. Is it possible for LaunchBox to do this? Not the overlay, I mean, the screenshot only. It would be awesome if there was a hotkey in LaunchBox that lets you take a screenshot and automatically save an uncompressed .PNG screenshot to a previously determined folder. I also think it would be nice to add the option of compressed screenshots for those who struggle with their hard drive available space. And lastly, maybe implement a new section in LaunchBox to see and navigate through your screenshots. Thats all I have to say about this request. I hope everyone is ok! Its been a while.
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Kriven said Sounds like LaunchBox is going to have its own overlay features before long. Better work on adding user profiles and a chat client :p
Yeah, I know that some of my suggestions are basically taken directly from Steam, but at least on my side when I am playing a game in some emulator I need to do all the tedious process of PRT SC-PAINT-SAVE SCREENSHOT. I would love to take pictures of those games without exiting the game to conserve the immersion. Maybe there is a software already that manages your screenshots without having to do the Paint thing, if you know a good one that would be really awesome for me!
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