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My Favorite Kayaking Video (aka Frontier Movie Trailer)


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I went and visited my friend in college a long...long time back, at Michigan Tech one summer. A bunch of us decided to canoe along the shore of Lake Superior, well in the protected harbor it was fine. Then we got past the break-wall, and immediately a 3 foot wave knocks us all into the water. I know Jason might know, but for those who do not, Lake Superior is a massive body of fresh water (largest fresh water lake in North America). It was late June and it was very hot for then about mid 90sF however the water was extremely cold and we all almost got hypothermia in process to getting to the break-wall to get out of the water. Then we laid on the black rocks in the sun for a while. Later we came back to check the water temp and it was 36F. Everyone had for got that large bodies of water take a long time to warm.
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