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Free System Shock 2 on GOG (less than 2 days left to 'claim' it)


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Yeah I have seen that but I still would rather 2 :) There are graphic mods out there for SS2 that does boost its looks significantly but a full blown remake would be my dream. I am hoping that Cyberpunk 2077 from CD ProjektRed fills the void of cyberpunk futuristic rpgs.
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lordmonkus said Hells yeah. This is a game the so desperately needs an HD remaster.
I wish all classic and/or bad-ass games were remastered. Space Invaders or Pac-Man with 2016 graphics? Granted, the game-play is quite basic, but with 'improved' graphics? It could spawn a resurgence. Smile [Resolution observation: If my cable company's service is choking, and I'm only getting 'Standard Def', I notice it immediately.] When I play NES games on a 'big screen' TV, the resolution isn't the same as on an 'old school' 20" set (of course). Math thing, no doubt. Picture expanded twice = half the resolution (it's probably logrithmic, or something, so my math is probably flawed). Laugh But, anyway, 'old school' graphics expanded = lousy picture. Does anyone know of a way to 'upscale' the resolution (if it's even possible, so more clarity could be achieved)?
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