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PS1 and MultiDisk Game Questsions


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I was wondering how you guys manage this? First i would prefer retroarch but open to any other suggestions. 1. Is it possible to compress the bin and cue files into one zip or something? 2. Is it possible to add multiple CDs to a zip and for the system to ask you which do you want to load? 3. How do you guys handle games that ask for you to swap the disk? Using a mouse is no problem of course but can this all be done though the controller? 4. How do you get launch box to only show one game instead of all CDs as thier own game?
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Hi @yajinni. Some other folks might have some better answers for you, but I'll answer what I can. The best way to set up multiple discs in LaunchBox is to use Additional Applications. You can add an additional app for each disc, and mark them to use emulation (just point them to the game disc files). Swapping discs is often unfortunately a challenge and depends on the emulator. I'm not aware of any current solutions for #1 and #2.
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For emulators like atari st, Amiga, etc which could use up to 8 disks in some cases, this needs to be a working feature of any premium front end, or it renders the frontend as non functional in terms of these emulators. How do you import multiple roms for emulated games which have 3 or 4 disks per game? Game Base uses its setup, so that every game (in atari st case) auto loads the disks, and only the disk 1 is shown in menu. It would be he'll going through thousands of games, importing 1 at a time, and then realigning each and every single disk to an "additional app" path? Hopefully Launchbox does have a way to deal with this, as it's probably the most essential feature of any front end. The purpose being time saving into an organised library. Thank you and I will provide support where I can. Together I believe Launchbox can be the best generic and flexible front end out there. :)
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