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How do I make sure Retroarch saves separate save and state files for each game?


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I just noticed this. Since I'm using the eboot.pbp method for Mednafen, Retroarch insists on naming each save and savestate after the rom: eboot. This means that if I'm in, say, Chrono Cross, the savestate might be the eboot savestate I had earlier from FFIX. How do I force Retroarch to name according to the game instead of the rom filename, if all the games are the same filename in separate folders?
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Here's the only bit of discussion I've seen on the subject: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/2573 For that at least, they decided not to even deal with it as a feature request. I'm guessing the way the Mednafen core works is that you can get away with one save file because it uses PS1's memcard system, right? Therefore you can have multiple saves combined into the same single save. But if true that still doesn't help the savestate issue. This feels like an oversight in some way.
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I just let the emulators handle it the way they want to handle it. If the save state gets put in to the folder along with the game, then you don't have to worry about the name of the game or the save state. It's only when saves or save states get lumped in to the same folder that it becomes an issue. In the tutorial I hadn't done PBP's yet, that was recorded months ago, but my answer for saves would be the same, I don't do anything special at all.
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