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MAME duplicates

onya mate

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Hi all, I was just wondering if there was a way to remove game duplicates (MAME as an example) as I'm showing up to 8 versions of the one game, in circumstances. Is there a software aspect in LB I'm missing, or is there option to tune the xml anywhere? Totally enjoying the software - just looking to beat this little challenge. Cheers.
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Yes there is. When importing mame games it will come up in the import process about MAME games and give you several options on what to do. I left it at default and it imported no duplicates. There needs to be tons of duplicated files in there but the MAME importer parses them. As far as other systems don't import duplicates. There is a button that says "force importing duplicates". If it is a different name then it will import both. For example on PS1, Parasite Eve Disc 1 and Disc 2 look like a duplicate but they are completely separate but "Blasto (U)" and "Blasto" are the same game with a different name. Delete the duplicated games if they exist in File Explorer and reimport the games. (except in mame)
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Oh, and if you have say a PS1 game with a .bin and a .cue file you only need to import the cue sheet. Instead of selecting "Add folder" you "Add files" instead and use the windows search function and add just the cue sheets. For example ".cue" will search and find all cue files. Then you can Ctrl + A and add all. If another system keeps saves in with the rom files this can also be the culprit. I almost always add files for this reason and not add folder.
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