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Luanching TurboGraphx-CD games via RetroArch


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New to the Launchbox scene. Its a refreshing interface that I'm currently testing to see if its the move I make from HyperSpin. My exposure is limited to just a few days but have come across an unusual issue that has me a bit confused at the moment. I have been using RetroArch (w/ HL and HS) for some time so the configuration should be just fine. For those wondering; yes, the syscard3.pce is in the correct folder (system) folder :) I've imported both my TurboGraphx-16 and TurboGraphx-CD collection into LaunchBox using RetroArch as the default emulator. Loading a non CD game (TurboGraphx-16) works as expected but when I load a CD based game (TurboGraphx-CD), nothing happens and I mean there no loading of RetroArch. If I right click on a CD game and choose "Open RetroArch" and then manually navigate to the game and load, it works fine. Not sure that Launchbox would capture any issue but is there any debug logs done by this frontend? It seems like such an obvious step that I'm missing but can't seem to figure out exactly what the issue is. For grins, I did import a handful of PSX games which also utilize RetroArch (via the Mednafen PSX core) and they load properly. What is unique about the TurboGraphx-CD that is keeping RetroArch from working? Side note: I did (very quickly) load the game via RocketLauncher. I haven't decided if I will continue to use RL and I suppose its just driving me insane that I havne't figured out what the problem. Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts on this? Did spend some time searching but haven't seen an issue that matches the exact issue I'm having. Thanks! -Joe
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Well you're loading from Cue Sheets since you have PS1 working but there are a few places you can check. Make sure all of the cores are in your cores folder which you can download through RA, but you know that. Next check that the Associated Platform's under RA are correct; They're correct when the name of the console in the left column (in associated platforms) matches your console names in the left pane of LaunchBox. This is why we suggest users to keep the names to a default, the scrapers can even change them back to the defaults from time to time (Like GamesDB changing my MS-DOS games back to PC because they don't have a DOS section). So if in the left pane it says TurboGrafx CD under associated platforms it should say TurboGrafx CD which I believe is the default. Associated Platforms is set by default so the left pane is more than likely off. Next make sure it is loading the proper core in the middle column under Associated Platforms. Unlikely this got changed but it could. On the left pane click your TGXCD system (especially if you changed the name of it), Ctrl + A to highlight all of the games in this section and right click one then edit. This brings up the Bulk Edit feature, select the Emulator tab from the drop down and change it to RetroArch; Even if it brings the RA name up make sure to select it. This should be everything. I am tired and might have missed something however so I hope this works.
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Oh my... First, excellent suggestions which prompted me to quadruple check my settings :) Because I have broken out my systems into the various regional names (PC Engine vs. TurboGrafx), I had essentially replicated the "TurboGrafx" associated name for RetroArch and changed it accordingly to what I had named it to; TurboGrafx CD. For the TurboGrafx CD section however I had it listed as: TurboGrafx CD -L "cores\mednafen_pce_fast_libretro.dll Note the lack of the " on the end of the string... sigh. Adding that fixed the problem! I appreciate the time you put into the response, much appreciated!
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