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  1. Very cool; been waiting for a playlist video. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks @Lordmonkus. I'm not sure where/how the issue occurred.. I've been using the same collection for quite some time.. it was there, then it wasn't. I'm sure it was something I did at one point but just could not get to the bottom of it. Running an Audit didn't pick anything up and importing the .cue ended up with the same results. Clicking on forcing duplicates ultimately resolved the issue but just find it weird that even thought I deleted the entire collection and re-added it, it still excluded it. Thanks again.
  3. Perhaps a bit of a weird one but something I came across a month or 2 ago and really tying to figure out the issue now... One day, I wanted to load Sonic CD but realized it wasn't in my collection. Not sure why exactly but figured I'd just go ahead and add the game back by dropping the folder containing the .cue and .bin. As expected, i run through the wizard of adding the game but when it completes, it comes back and tells me that "0 games were added". Happens every time.. Is there a detailed log that would tell me why? Any suggestions on where to look to mitigate the issue? So far, it only seems to be in my Sega CD collection. Deleting the entire collection and adding it again does not fix the issue btw...
  4. Sometime in the past perhaps 3-6 months there has been a change with dolphin and the loading of WiiWare (.wad) files. Previously, you could just load the .wad and Dolphin would load the game as normal individual game such as a .wbfs file. Now, it appears that not only do you have to install the .wad to the nand but I'm also not certain on how to actually load the .wad directly rather than going into the Wii menu. Am I going crazy? Has no one else noticed this?
  5. Just left a review and wanted to drop a line to tell you thanks for your hard work. I hope this is something you continue to develop for with other systems and really enjoy the updated look & feel.
    The individual system themes really add a nice touch to the overall feel and give a sense of uniqueness to my overall setup. I'm pretty confident these themes will be the default going forward and would love to see more systems supported in the future. Seriously, well done work and thanks for the contribution!
  6. Appreciate getting back to me @NJDave71 I did get some time this evening to play around some more and eventually get this working. I just wish I knew what combo of things I was originally doing wrong to not have it work in the first place but it does seem to work as expected (and hoped). I have noticed however that every MVS based game requires me to manually enable the bezel. This is not a huge issue as I would just need to go through and enable it the first time however, just found it odd. Thanks again.
  7. Didn't see mention of this within the topic, if I overlooked, I apologize and please direct me where appropriate. I'm having a heck of a time trying to get a default vertical and horizontal bezel to be used with Mame. In the past, I would create specifc .ini files for both the horizontal (horizont.ini) and vertical (vertical.ini) based games because I would used specific shaders (HLSL based) based on the orientation. What I suspected would also happen (and believe it should normally do so) is also use same artwork labeled the same (i.e horizont.zip or vertical.zip). Unfortunately, I've only been able to get the bezel artwork to show when I rename horizont.zip to the name of the game being run (i.e. mslug.zip). @NJDave71 has saved us a bit of time by compiling mame with the no nag for us and realized that perhaps I was missing a line in my config regarding the fallback artwork line. Here is the Core Artwork Options section from both .ini files. Horizont.ini # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # artwork_crop 1 use_backdrops 1 use_overlays 1 use_bezels 1 use_cpanels 1 use_marquees 1 fallback_artwork horizont override_artwork Vertical.ini # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # artwork_crop 1 use_backdrops 1 use_overlays 1 use_bezels 1 use_cpanels 1 use_marquees 1 fallback_artwork vertical override_artwork Based on what was mentioned above, is there anything I am overlooking? The artwork created is great but I'm just looking to use a standard horizontal and vertical bezel for Mame. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
    I'm blown away by how smooth this is and all the work put into it. Very little polishing needed at this point and can only imagine where Cid goes from here. This theme recreates the feel of HyperSpin while still giving you the uniqueness of BigBox and I think this should be considered a default theme (as there are many good ones out there) for those starting off with the software. This is now my favorite theme even with it being the initial release!
  8. Top notch work! Seriously, a huge contribution to the community and now my favorite theme. Simply awesome.
  9. "Too many" not "To many". Otherwise, nice.
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B23vaxsfSk1yQUQ1aXZpSThpbUk/view?usp=sharing
  11. First, I suggest anyone with a previous installation to uninstall and remove any existing configuration files... this will save you some headache. Second: please ,please, please backup your platform xml files. Just create a copy of the directory in case you run into what I did. Image attached is now around the 10th consecutive system I've had to fix with maybe another 20-30 to go. The line number differs from platform to platform but position is the same. I don't fully understand the mechanics behind the platform xml's but assume all had to be added due to the creation of a "cave" platform I tried to import using this release.
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