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Mame Roms wont work


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Hey you guys, a pretty big front end noob here and having some problems with my mame games with this one. all my steam nes snes games seem to be working just fine but every time i try to import my Mame games, it just gives me a billion files within each rom folder. I've been searching for a front end for a while and this seems to be the perfect one but before i drop the dough i want to get this thing in complete working order, i linked some pics of my process and if you guys could give me any advice on what i am doing wrong (or right) that would be fantastic! i will definitely answer any questions to the best of my ability. Thank you all so much.Mame-pic-1.JPGMame-pic-2.JPGMame-pic-3.JPGMame-pic-4.JPGMame-pic-5.JPGMame-pic-6.JPGMAme-pic-7.JPGMame-pic-8.JPGMame-rom-pic-2.JPGMame-Roms-pic-1.JPG
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If you still have the all of the compressed files you can just delete all of those if not you will have to either zip them all back up which would be a nightmare unless you can bulk zip which I don't know about. It may be faster to delete those and grab the ROM set over again.
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