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Retroarch bsnes issue in Launchbox and Core config questions


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Hello, been using and configuring LB for awhile now (loving it!) I've recently gave Retroarch another chance and have mostly figured out how to set up - I'm trying to load my configured bsnes_accuracy_libretro core (with shaders, controllers), but am having issues launching my game. When i set my SNES emulator to Retroarch (new 1.3.4) and then add the command -c configs\bsnes_accuracy_libretro.cfg to the emulator command line, nothing happens when i launch the SNES game. Can someone tell me exactly what command I need and where to put it in LB? Is it in the game launch cmd, or the emulator custom cmd? I'm confused as to what CFG i need to load for this... I've seen 2 ways here on this forum - one is "-c configs.." and one is "-l configs.." I'm confused as to what cfg I put where. I'll be using other cores for other systems, but thought I'd start here. Thanks!
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So I would say if you need help to watch our Tutorial series, a new video every friday (except this friday I got a vacation that I am only half using ;) ), but next week will be a new basic SNES tutorial. That said you need both commands.\ -L is for loading a core and -c is to load a config file. So my full SNES line looks like this: Name Command Line Super Nintendo Entertainment System -L "cores\bsnes_balanced_libretro.dll" -c "config\RetroArch-1220-194545.cfg" And remember that the name in Associated platform needs to match your SNES System name in LB. If you have more questions let me know.
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Awesome, thanks guys. So I'll just copy and paste that line (with the name of my core) into the CMD. I left the name of my SNES as the default, so it should just be Super Nintendo Entertainment System I'd imagine..Do i put that line in for the "main" emulator settings for my SNES emulator then? (So it's global) I just remember seeing several areas to place custom CMD lines and don't want to screw it up. (sorry, i'm a noob with frontends and RA) I'll be sure to look for that line to change as well, thanks. I would simply put the straightforward replacement as "bsnes_accuracy_libretro.dll", right? No additional switches needed here? I have watched several video tutorials, yes. Which is saying something considering I usually avoid watching videos if possible. They were very helpful and straightforward, but don't remember the basic RA/LB tut having in-depth stuff like switches and configs (i could be wrong). Thanks again, looking forward to getting my setup finished!
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