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May I request a few clear logos.


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I am looking for the playstation 2 siren 2 galerians ash the sega 32x a nice zaxxon motherbase 2000 logo Thank you all very much for your time and have an awesome day. Below I am filling my own requests and removing them from up top. someone can up these to the db if they want Oh-No-More-Zombies-Ate-My-Neighbors-U.png Siren-01-U-SCUS-97355.png
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I rebuild this from scratch, hope it is ok since the colouring isn't as grainy as original and i dited some character shadows (the purple ones) since some alignment made no sense. I will upload it to the database, needs some time until it got reviewed and accepted. If you want the original file (.xcf / GIMP) just message me, than you can make adjustments, change resolution etc., etc.Motherbase.Clearlogo.png
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Just realized you wanted Siren 2. Made this real quick - hopefully this will work for you. 


Edit - Added 3 more - The one I made with no R on it, a better version in black and one in white lettering - let me know if any of these work out - if so - I don't see it in the DB - Maybe create a new entry and add the logo that works best.


The last clear logo doesn't show the image on the webpage due to the transparency but it DOES show up in LB/BB and doesn't look half bad.

Siren 2.png

Siren 2 black.png

Siren 2 noR.png

Siren 2 white.png

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Added logos / edit text
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