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Load multiple disks FS-UAE (in Launchbox)


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Hello everyone, ive recently bought Launchbox and for me the program works like a charm, very happy with it. I have a question about fs-uae (launcher) emulator in LB... i use fs-uae as an Amiga emulator, and a lot of games on the amiga are on more than one disk per game. Loading up a game on one disk is not a problem, but when i start a game and i must swap to another disk, i don't know what to do? Ive hit F12 in fs-uae, and a menu pops up, but i can't change to another disk, all i can choose is to empty my drive or make a save disk??? Does anyone know how to swap disks within fs-uae? Or is there a command line for LB that can explain to fs-uae where the other disks are??? Really thankful for your help, and i hope to enjoy Launchbox for a very long time! Thanks in advance!
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Any answers on this? Its a darn good question that surely applies to a lot of us?!? I tried going to edit game on launchbox, then additional apps.....thats a way of getting the number of files down apparently (that you can see when you load up launchbox, instead of seeing disk 1, disk 2 etc), but although it does shoot open a second window with the other disk in, its not great. Can basically save the state though before leaving, then shoot over to the 2nd fsuae that is open and open state and then it should continue. Problem there is that some require you to go back and load another disk again! What a faff, must be a better way of doing it.....

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I go over how to do this in my tutorial video. It's at 37:30 in the video. I would recommend watching the entire video if you haven't.

Basically, you're not going to be setting multiple disks in LB - you'll be setting them in FS-UAE itself and saving them as configs which you will import into LB. You add in multiple disks into the swapper and can switch between them while playing by pressing F12, going to "removable media", changing the disk and then continue.


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