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ePSXe Shutdown - Controller Automation 'Do you really want to quit?'


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Hi I'm building a small emulation machine for me and occasionally my family, when I visit, which means it's supposed to be very easy to use. I've setup Controller Automation to exit emulators, which works great with all emulators, however - ePSXe ask whether I'm sure and I can't seem to find a way to disable this dialog, and automation doesn't have a 'Press this and this to press enter' which is a workaround of sorts, am I missing something, a checkbox, a config you can change to skip this dialog, or do I have to install AutoHotKey or similar to make a script that kills the process? Thanks a lot -Søren EDIT: It's also the case with Nestopia
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moppedz said I assigned escape to my controller, which exits epsxe when started with no gui. Is this not possible in your setup?
Well yeah it is, I'll just get AutoHotKey and write a script, it's not that much of a hassle, I was just trying to figure out whether there'd be a way to do so without having to get additional software - but yeah I might just have to do it like that.
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MuffinCupcake said Thanks to everybody for answering, great answers :) Right now I've made a simple AutoHotKey which will work for now, only works on one of two controllers tho' for some reason - will check out the Lilypad plugin this evening Again thanks for helping the newbie out
Fixed it, I'm an idiot - note to self, when dealing with multiple keypresses from 2Joy you have to specify it :D
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