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Decided to update and now everything is broken...


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So I've not really been following the development too closely lately, but saw that now apparently Rocketlauncher and Lanchbox can talk to each other. So I decided to update both and now everything is broken.
I switched the emulator in LB to use the official Rocket Launcher entry.
I have set Launchbox up as the default frontend in RL and my systems come listed into RL now with the naming I got there.
The first thing is that some of my naming don't match what RL expects so it doesn't know what emulator to use. Is there a quick way to tell RL or LB which system is which? Before I did this manually by listing each system under associated platforms. It says it's not necessary there any more, but can I list them anyway?

The second thing is that when I try to start any game on any system (even one that the naming matches and RL finds the default emulator) I get this error:





Error:  Memory limit reached (see #MaxMem in the help file).


	1318: systemXML := CheckFile(frontendPath . "\LaunchBox.xml")

	1319: FileRead,xmlContents,%systemXML%

	1321: if (substr(frontendPath,1,1) = substr(dbPath . "\" . dbName . "." . dbExt, 1, 1))  

	1322: searchStringStart := "<ApplicationPath>" . getrelativepath(frontendPath,dbPath . "\" . dbName . "." . dbExt) . "</ApplicationPath>"

	1323: Else

	1324: searchStringStart := "<ApplicationPath>" . dbPath . "\" . dbName . "." . dbExt . "</ApplicationPath>"

	1325: searchStringEnd := "</Game>"

--->	1326: GameXMLInfo := StrX(xmlContents,searchStringStart,1,0,searchStringEnd,1,0)

	1327: if !(GameXMLInfo)  

	1327: {

	1328: currentobj := {}

	1329: currentobj.Label := "Name"  

	1330: currentobj.Value := game  

	1331: infoObject.Insert(currentobj["Label"], currentobj)  

	1332: Log("BuildDatabaseTable - Ended - no ""Game Name"" found. Assigning """ . game . """ to the label ""Name""",2)  

The current thread will exit.




I've looked around on forums, but the error is so long to search for and searching for any of the keys in it doesn't seem to show up anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :S


I also keep getting this error when trying to launch anything that uses Retroarch directly through RL:

File.__New -fullFilePath parameter cannot be blank to instantiate this class

Maybe someone know what this means? :/


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same problem here licensed version 6.7 load up rocket launcher game that works fine launching directly in rocket launcher BUT i get this error launching in Launchbox..  NOT trying to thread jack just trying to show the pattern so if this is the wrong way of doing so then im sorry



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So I managed to get it fixed by going back to the custom setup for RocketLauncher in the Emulator options. Whenever I try and use the official one I get that error. Quite weird since it looks like the settings should just work looking at what sends over, but maybe something under the hood that my PC or setup doesn't like :/

As for the error in RL I think I got that fixed when I did a full update on Retroarch, it seemed to be only happening on systems which use that emulator (which is a lot of them, haha).

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i dont know if this help but if i go into manage emulator and delete the default command line that was there which i paste below


-f "%launchboxorbigboxexepath%" -p "LaunchBox" -s "%platform%" -r


THEN go to lauch a game it opens the RocketLauncher application but i get no error and it does NOT launch the game obviously

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Problem fixed!(or at the very least band aided )

Google search Notepad ++ and download and install ... its free and super useful (notepad on steroids lol)

go into your rocketlauncher install file

Open plugins folder RocketLauncher/Plugins/

find LaunchBox,Plugin

right click file and youl now see the option to edit with notepad ++ ... click edit with notepad ++

line 1 will say


; LaunchBox Plugin (by bleasby)


click at the end and hit enter so you are now directly blow this line and paste the following


#MaxMem 256


your NEW EDITED FILE should look like this


; LaunchBox Plugin (by bleasby)
#MaxMem 256
    Log("PluginInit - Started")

    ;---- FrontEnd Information
    frontendPlugin := "LaunchBox"


then save.... problem solved :-)



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added what edited file should look like
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