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Hi Guys, 

Here i will be accepting Requests on Clear logos that do not exist.

Here is an example of what i can do.



Clear Logo


In this case i cut out the image and recolored slightly so it was not as faded.

I Can also fully create logos.

Am happy to do what i can to make clear logos that don't exist :) and add them to the database.

ALL Logos i post i have created myself, And are not taken from any website or person. If i just edit a logo to be higher quality ill say in my post.

Completed Logos (Previews, Not full size, Full Size throughout thread)




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4 hours ago, seaview59 said:

Fantastic work, much appreciated!

Thank You, Glad you like it :).

I am only working on one of my own at the moment, So if anyone else has any requests for Logos that are not yet done, Don't hesitate to ask.

EDIT: Just Completed this one.


Added to database.

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19 hours ago, Sidecar940 said:

Hi, can yo create a clear logo for tombi! and Tombi! 2 from psx?

Hey man, I can do that for you, I'll get to it later today, Got a busy day. 

I'll make the 2d one in higher quality than the one posted, Also I'll be editing and improving the Tombi 2 logo. 

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