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Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mix Game Media (NES) (Hack)


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Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mix Game Media (NES) (Hack)

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Media Pack for Super Mario Bros. 3MIX for the NES! Inside the archive you'll find:

Box Art (3D, and Back)

Clear Logo

Cartridge Image (Front)

Still Snapshots (Game Play and Title)

Standard Video Snap (MP4)

All artwork made/modified by or compiled by Riffman81 (unless otherwise noted here). Enjoy!


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12 hours ago, nadonate said:

I have always been curious about the ROM-hack scene, but unsure of where to jump in...


It's nice to have some titles curated by someone who knows! 

Thanks, and keep the artwork coming!

ROMHacking.net is a good place to jump in. They have pretty much any ROM hack or fan translation you can think of and a friendly community as well! New content is added weekly, if not daily. I basically just have all the top rated hacks and fan-games in my LaunchBox setup (at least what I think is "top rated") and for awhile, I didn't have nice looking art for them. So, that's what I've been doing lately is sorting through them all and making custom art work and video snaps. I figured it would be nice to share them all with the community in case anyone else wants to use them in their setups :) Also, anything I upload here, I also add to the LaunchBox database. The videos however will be found here only for now... Glad you enjoy. More to come!

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