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Updating ROM directories without re-importing?


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Hello, all you smart people! I have a question that seems rather dumb but I am going to ask it anyway! :)

I am cleaning my 4TB emulation drive by updating, rescanning and repacking all of my rom sets. My question involves the fact that LB has an option to bulk download media and metadata. What about the rom directories themselves? If I want to clean out all my good sets and replace them with no-inro sets, can I rescan the directory and have LB just update to the new files and remove no longer existing dupes in an automated way? What if I add only one to three missing roms in my set, do I have to reimport all of them? I would hate to have to re-import all of my systems, that would also have the downside of making a lot of orphaned artwork. I know this can be cleaned but with 40GB of media in the LB folder, this process can take days. (Didn't actually let it finish because my lord that's a lot of media to clean)  Also, doing it game by game for individual additions would be, tedious and I find now that I have a few new roms in each folder.

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If you are replacing actual rom files with different names you have to reimport.

If you are just simply adding a couple of roms that weren't there before all you have to do is import those couple of roms. Do this just by dragging the roms themselves into the Launchbox window and going through the import process that way.

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@lordmonkusAlright, I had a feeling that was the case. I usually go through my whole collection with clrmamepro every six months or so. The new dats I use usually consist of a few dozen to a few hundred renames and a few dozen new roms. It might not be super convenient but reimporting is one of the least annoying parts of the whole rom update week. :D

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

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