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I recently purchased LaunchBox and can I say it's faboulous and very user friendly. I tried hyperspin for a bit and with the help of Simply Austin's guides almost got things running but time was an issue. I saw Austin's review and liked what I saw and purchased Bigbox. I think you guys at Unbroken Software have done a amazing job and I take my hat off to you. 

Anyway back to my questions!

I notice that in most of the video tutorials when emulator's are being added a lot of the systems pop up suggesting retroarch as the emulator of choice. The Launchbox builds used in the video's are earlier versions. I have the latest build installed and now it seems all the systems that once suggested retroarch now suggest individual emulators. I wondered if a change was made in later build and whether there was a reason for this?

I thought to save time I'd use retroarch, because it emulates so many systems and everyone raves about it. I wondered if there was a dummies guide to setting it up on Launchbox as it looks a bit complicated, or am I wrong? Do I just download and extract and direct Launchbox to the folder it's in.

Sorry to ask such basic questions but I'm new to this!!!!


Cheers guys ?

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RetroArch is still the suggested emulator for most things by most users and it works in all versions of LB brilliantly for me on multiple PC's. In the YouTube section there are a lot of tutorial videos for systems and most of those even though using older builds of LB are still spot on except maybe a few minor details. There are two videos that are great for noobs to retroarch in particular  this one and this one I suggest those and it will explain at least the basic of the UI navigation which can be a little weird due to the buttons that it uses being non-intuitive to most users as in for some odd reason enter doesn't select things x does and backspace doesn't back out of menus z does. These two videos I think should get you going and if you run into any issues holler back at us and someone will give you a hand.

Also you will need to find your own bios files for RA when you want to start emulating some systems.

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