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Certain DirectX libraries are missing


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I installed Launchbox to my Dropbox folder on my gaming PC a few weeks back, then updated to 6.9. Now when I try to open Launchbox on my laptop I get the image below.

Its says to rerun setup but would that undo any of the things I've done in launchbox, or would it overwrite my Lauchbox.xml file, etc? Also, would it cause problems because it was technically installed on my gaming pc, and not on my laptop, even though I access it from both? Launchbox was working fine from both my laptop and gaming pc before I updated to 6.9. Is this normal?



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Hard to say exactly but just out of curiosity where is your Launchbox install folder ? Is it on C: drive or another hard drive ?

Sometimes having stuff installed to C: updates can run into troubles with permissions writing to the drive.

I have my Launchbox folder on a separate drive, E: to be precise and have never run into problems with updates.

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This is happening specifically because LaunchBox is synced to different computers without installation, which is normal, but unfortunately certain DirectX libraries are required. Users get this message when those DirectX libraries are missing. LaunchBox is not causing DirectX issues; it's simply saying it needs some missing libraries. Re-running the setup program on the computer should fix the issue.

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I can't explain why it would have been working before the update, to be honest, other than maybe game controllers got switched on or something. The xinput library is used for game controllers. It's not necessary to run the setup on the other computer as well, only on the one that is having issues. Also, if you're worried about not updating your LaunchBox installation, you can just install to a different folder and then delete it.

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