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Policenauts Saturn Mouse Controls


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As some of you may or may not be aware of Policenauts for the Sega Saturn has recently gotten an English translation.

If you do not know what Policenauts is go look it up but basically it is a graphic adventure game made by Hideo Kojima and it is amazing.

This game supported the lightgun and mouse controls on real hardware. SSF and the stand alone version of Mednafen supports mouse controls as well. Not sure if Retroarch supports mouse controls in their Mednafen core yet or not but since it doesn't even support analog controls I assume not at the point of me writing this.

I do not use SSF anymore so if you wish to use that emulator and mouse controls you are on your own to sort it out. However I did some fiddling around with the stand alone version of Mednafens mouse controls today and it works pretty good but you do need to adjust the mouse sensitivity or else it is very slow.

There is not going to be a 100% one setting works for everyone in this so there will need to be some personal tinkering to find what works best for you and your mouse but here is how you get the mouse working.

You can either edit the mednafen-09x.cfg file and change values in there or you can launch games using a command line parameter which is the way I prefer to do it with the stand alone version. Now my whole command line parameter is pretty long but the 2 settings you need to look at are:
-ss.input.port1 mouse
-ss.input.mouse_sensitivity 1.75

The first one sets the mouse as your controller and the second one obviously is the sensitivity. These same settings can be found in the config file as well if you want to dig around in there. The default sensitivity is set to 0.50 which is really slow and for me I found 1.75 to be a pretty good sweet spot. I tried it at 2 but it was too fast and jumpy.

I found this post over on the Mednafen forums with some info on mouse sensitivity http://forum.fobby.net/index.php?t=msg&th=1362&start=0&

"There aren't any enforced range limits for those, beyond the limits of the underlying floating-point types.
For the mouse sensitivity settings, a reasonable upper limit would be (4 * default), and a reasonable lower limit would be (default / 4)."

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1 minute ago, lordmonkus said:

It just got released a couple of days ago.

Ah okay, very cool. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I've read it's different from the PS1 version (which I like quite a bit).

Just now, lordmonkus said:

I know it's an option but so is analog controls :P

Yeah I saw that when I went looking for the mouse option and was like "Huh?" The controls act completely crazy when you use it haha.

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