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PSP game in Playstation (1) section.


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So I've requested a PSP game that has snuck itself into the PS1 section to be deleted.


For some reason it has gotten 5 rejections and 4 approvals. Just wondering why someone would reject what clearly is a PSP game released in 2010... as far as I've seen this was its first release and not been out on the PS1 before. Even the info on the LB page has 2010 in it and a PSP boxart.

A bit confused by this to be honest.

What will happen if it just keeps going with about even rejects/approvals?

Is there a move platform option I'm missing?

Cheers guys

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Unless it's actually a duplicate in the PS1 section. Technically, the moderator should be approving that deletion based on the info at hand, I probably would. It's not like when someone wants to delete a good proper image, but wants to upload one in it's place; there is the option to replace an image on purpose so the moderator knows whats going on. If someone is asking to delete an image that is perfectly fine, I reject it, even if 2 or 3 submissions later there is a new image trying to be added that is a better version, there's know real way to know unless you do a lot of leg work. A PS1 game in a PSP section, at a glance, I would accept the deletion. It should still be deleted though if the game already exists in the PS1 section though.

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