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  1. Startup screen fading into the game not important to me at all Don't need bezels, RA and MAME have them and that's more than enough for me if I ever want to use them Pause screen is the most exiting feature for me. I'd very much like the ability to open the game manual, map or strategy guide straight from the pause screen whenever I need to look up something. Another cool thing would be a timer, which would track your playtime.
  2. Jakatsu

    Duplicate Game Systems

    Unfortunately you can't do that straight from GamesDB, since us users can't flag platforms for deletion. There doesn't seem to be a Bitbucket for GamesDB anymore either, so that's out of the question as well. I'll just tag @Jason Carr and hope he sees this and can find the time to delete the duplicate entry. Link
  3. Jakatsu

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Maybe it's deleted for good?
  4. Awesome work and great to see some love for Saturn, especially Japanese releases!
  5. Some game entries are borked that way in the GamesDB. I've encountered a few myself, when trying to change or update information, all I get is an "Error Occured". And I'm guessing GamesDB is a low priority right now, so...
  6. Jakatsu

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    Using Beta 16. Something I've noticed with LaunchBox.Next is when using List View, and you sort games by release date for example. Every time you choose a game from the list and click "Edit" (or just Ctrl+E) and click OK, it resets the sorting to alphabetical order. Is this on purpose, or just something you weren't aware of? Edit: This doesn't happen when Images View is chosen.
  7. Jakatsu

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Just came across these as well, didn't accept the deletions since no reason was given and neither of them are duplicates either. But like @Mr. RetroLust said, sometimes you go into auto mode where you just click accept before realizing that you might've made a mistake. I would like this as well.
  8. Jakatsu

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Seems to be working just fine now, thanks for the fix.
  9. Jakatsu


    Thank you for the update, this theme is simply superb!
  10. Jakatsu

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    This is what I've been doing as well. Although technically correct if you add Inc. etc at the end, I prefer to leave it out. I also use the company name they used during the release of the game and IMO this is the correct way to do it. I don't think this is possible at the moment, nor do I know if Jason wants to do something like this in the future.
  11. Some interesting features there, good stuff. Voted.
  12. Jakatsu

    Foreign exclusives

    IMO since we prefer Western releases over Japanese ones, it should go like this: NA > EU > Japan. So in this case you would add Gunner's Heaven as alternate name for Rapid Reload and delete the Japanese entry. If we used whichever title the game has originally, we'd have a lot more Japanese titles as the main one.
  13. Jakatsu

    Foreign exclusives

    I'd personally go with NA or US but you can just leave the region empty if you don't feel comfortable with that. I've seen unofficially translated English titles use mostly those two or in some cases World.
  14. Jakatsu

    Foreign exclusives

    Japanese one should be used for those platforms that received a release only in Japan. Same as above, if a game was released only in one country/region, use that name. In this particular case, Rockman & Forte since the game was only released in Japan. You can add translated names as alternative, so in this example you would use Majuu Ou as the main title and King of Demons as an alternate title. This guideline hasn't been updated for a while, but you'll get a better idea how we go about with naming conventions etc.