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  1. It seems that deleting whole database entries doesn't seem to be working at the moment. For example, I submitted this entry for deletion, as it's a duplicate of the North American release. The request was accepted, but the entry still stays. While moderating, I've also seen people trying to delete non-game entries multiple times, and even though those request were also accepted (according to the comments), nothing changed. I don't know if this affects individual images etc. as well.
  2. Yeah, noticed the same and rejected those changes. Makes sense to keep the names as they are now.
  3. Have you tried a fresh install of RetroArch with default settings to rule out any shenanigans with your current config? I for one have had to delete my RetroArch config a couple of times due to some weirdness occurring, which I couldn't solve otherwise.
  4. Deleting an alternate name didn't work for me. I marked for deletion a duplicate alternate name (upper one). Screenshot after accepted status. DB entry here.
  5. Great stuff, thank you! This will definitely help making the DB even better and more accurate. Unfortunately errors still occur, at least when dealing with alt names. For example here, trying to delete alt name Tetris (Bulletproof) (Japan) (Rev 2) and add a region to Tetris (Bulletproof) gives an error. From what I've experienced, it seems that the error pops up specifically when you change the Region field, not when you enter a new alt name without region. Edit: seems that this only happens with some entries, just tested this one and got no errors. Maybe those older entries have som
  6. The latest stable version is v2.32: https://www.pj64-emu.com/public-releases You could also try a development build to see if it makes any difference: https://www.pj64-emu.com/nightly-builds
  7. To be fair, those pirate/unlicensed releases are a bit of a nightmare to keep track of, so no worries.
  8. If a perfectly valid entry has been deleted for some reason, then re-adding it back in is the way to go. Sometimes duplicate entries get deleted as they should, but not everyone understands the fact that sometimes two differently named entries are one and the same game. For example... I submitted this for deletion. This game was released in Asia as Brush Roller and in Europe (more specifically Spain) as Booky Man (as per box title). Now, the reason for deleting Brush Roller was because the game was released outside Asia, the title of European release takes priority over Asian one. Basi
  9. Skraper scrapes data from https://www.screenscraper.fr/, which supports more than one language for game overviews. Launchbox scrapes data from https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/, which supports only one language, English.
  10. Other bug being that trying to add, modify or delete alternative name(s) sometimes produces an error. Doesn't happen that often though and is probably a problem with specific database entries (corrupted?), but yeah.
  11. Ditto, would be a handy feature to have. Although for me, even better would be if LB could show the filenames of combined games on the game detail section. Some versions of the same game do get mixed up with other entries, and it would certainly help with identifying them much easier and faster. I guess this could be an option for the next poll, doubt it would get enough votes though.
  12. Startup screen fading into the game not important to me at all Don't need bezels, RA and MAME have them and that's more than enough for me if I ever want to use them Pause screen is the most exiting feature for me. I'd very much like the ability to open the game manual, map or strategy guide straight from the pause screen whenever I need to look up something. Another cool thing would be a timer, which would track your playtime.
  13. Unfortunately you can't do that straight from GamesDB, since us users can't flag platforms for deletion. There doesn't seem to be a Bitbucket for GamesDB anymore either, so that's out of the question as well. I'll just tag @Jason Carr and hope he sees this and can find the time to delete the duplicate entry. Link
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