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Open - MAME/MESS filenames for importing - Issue #343


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I tried to import the atari 2600 roms from MESS but the scraper detected only 125 of 790. I told the scraper to use MAME metadata (tried without for even worse results). Some of these will not be in the DB - not worried about them. But some are in the DB and are not matching (river raid, for example). Ive attached the xml that comes with mame 180 for this system and a list of my file names. These match the XML and clrmamepro confirms this is a good set for 180. 

Is mess filename scraping something that should work at the moment? If not, any advice on how I can get the title-filename mappings from the mame xmls into the games db?

Edit: I can, and will, extract all the roms to get better matches. I just wonder if we could also get matches for the short archive names (id rather leave them compressed with original file name - easier for set updating)



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Bummer - I'm really impressed by the softwarelist concept. TOSEC too. Very ambitious and I hope they both succeed. I recognise that I'm not in the majority, but still look forward to support for their naming conventions in future versions LB. 

Is there a way for the community to contribute to file name->title mapping for the LB scraper? Not directly via source, just a form or a google doc where we could provide file-title maps to help improve the scraper over time? I could also make a bitbucket proposal and attach the XMLs, if you think that's appropriate. 

My workaround, for what it's worth:

In case anyone else out there has a merged 2600 SoftwareList or TOSEC set, here are some bash scripts to make them more friendly for the LB scraper.  When importing it is important to not select MAME or use MAME metadata. In Windows, GitBash does the job just fine. 

First SoftwareList; this will extract the first bin file found in each 7z archive, to a destination dir of your choice:



files=`find ./Roms/a2600 -name *.7z`

for f in $files


	first="`7z l $f | grep '.bin' | grep -oP '^.+\.\.\.\.\. +\d+ +\d*+ *+\K.+' | head -1`"

	cmd='7z x -o"'$destDir'" '$f' "'$first'"'

	eval $cmd


This should get you 729 files. They are all named lowercase - I couldn't be bothered renaming for Upper Case Words. 

For a merged TOSEC set the filenames are more conducive to a successful LB scrape and they Respect Title Case, but there are many different versions of each game. To cut them down to *almost* one of each I used this (reduces 1800 to about 500):




cd $sourceDir


while read line


    files[ $i ]="$line"        

    (( i++ ))

done < <(ls | grep -v 'ZZZ\|Contest\|Cassette' | grep -Ev ' v[0-9]')


for f in "${files[@]}"


	if [[ $f == *"("* ]]


		var=`echo $f | grep -oP '.+ \('`



		for item in "${processed[@]}"


				if [[ "$var" == "$item" ]]; then




		if [[ $match == 0 ]]; then


			x=$(printf '%q' "$f")

			cmd='cp '$x' '$destDir

			eval $cmd

			echo $f

			(( m++ ))




Neither of these are perfect solutions, but they are certainly better than manually renaming. Hope somebody finds them useful. 

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I think the No-Intro sets are better than the software lists, but it's just a difference. for CD-i I got the CHD's to work over bin and cue, so it's situational. TOSEC has too much other stuff bundled, but at least it has proper names. Some software lists do to, like CD-i, it had the full names. As long as it has the full names you are in business, but if it has MAME styled short hand, you'll need to convert it or LaunchBox will, and it only converts mame currently.

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This might seem dumb, but I couldn't let it go. I think I've actually come up with a cool workaround that can help others: use the XMLs included with MAME to read the full name of each rom for each system, then make symbolic links of the full name. This way I can have my MESS set, but represent it in a friendly way - even with UTF8 support. Then I import the symbolic links from Launchbox and my unsupported romset can be used without renaming it (which breaks other apps that also use the same set). 

PowerShell this time, US roms preferred: http://pastebin.com/D2mxhw3Z

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