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Transparent Disc images


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This is a simple suggestion and a clarification on database disc category.

I'd like do suggest that LB DB contributors would upload disc images only with transparent backgrounds, but this means that most of the images should be edited first to remove the background and then save in .PNG format.

I also added a screenshot of what this stuff looks like when in use inside LB, as you can see it blends on perfectly with the background.

If you can see my point the please use transparent backgrounds and spread the word, if not then just tell me.Untitled.jpg

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I mostly use Photoshop or GIMP for my editing. Circular selection tool usually does the job, just draw a circle, free transform it as needed and delete. On the outer circle I just invert my selection, delete and done. It can also be done by "Magic Tool", but in my opinion it leaves too many artifacts.

I know it's bit of a hassle, but I think it's worth it.

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I can only second this. PNG increases the filesize, but .jpg isn't capable of transparency so this is the price to pay to achieve a perfect integration.

I for my part did add/edit a lot on PS1/PS2 with the free open source GIMP and can only say after 3-4 times even a total n00b is able to replace the background with transperancy in less than 30 seconds on good quality scans of the disc. Hard cases with blurred edges and scan-shadows can need up to 1 minute. All you need is the elliptic tool, zoom (Numpad + and -) and masking. Not more or less. Forget the magic wand selection tool, the epilliptic tool is soooo much easier for circular objects.

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