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Possible Bug in Additional Apps Feature


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I'm unsure of whether this is a bug or just a limitation. I use Demul for some arcade systems and more specific to this issue, Shenmue 1 & 2. I also use a program, and I'm sorry I cant remember who to give credit to, called No Cursor to hide my mouse cursor when I launch Demul. The issue occurs only on multi disc games, so I didnt notice it until I started playing Shenmue. For both titles I have 1 game menu entry and then in additional apps I have all the discs entered so I just right click and select the correct disc. If I run the game from the menu entry by double clicking everything works fine, it launches No Cursor then the default which is disc 1, but if I right click and select a disc from the menu, whether disc 1 2 etc., it does not launch the No Cursor app. I have the app set to run before. I hope thats pretty clear and thanks for your time in reading my novel.

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Sounds like a bug. You should file a ticket on this. But I think this workaround will work for you.

Just add the nomousy app to start with the emulator and end when exiting the game.

This will also make it so you don't have to add additional apps for every single Demul game.

You open the emulator settings for Demul in LB and go to the Autohotkey tab.

Put this in there (match paths to your nomousy location):

Run, R:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Demul\nomousy\nomousy.exe /hide



        Run, R:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Demul\nomousy\nomousy.exe

        Process, Close, demul.exe

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Search the BitBucket first, as this may have been added to previously and it would be better to vote on the existing ticket, otherwise to submit a bug ticket, click Issues/Requests at the top of the LaunchBox site. This does sound like a small oversight though, Additional Apps is getting used more than ever now, so more is being tested.

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Hey guys thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I lost mt Launch box setup while trying to move windows to an ssd. I'm in the process of trying to set it back up now. Alot seems to have changed since this was posted so maybe the issue is cleared up. When I get to setting Dreamcast back up I'll try Additional apps and if that still doesnt work I'll try you suggestions and report back. Thanks again.

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