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Can someone explain Video Theme storage?


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Hi All,

I am wondering about the new video themes and how they are stored.

I noticed in the folder structure that under videos you keep both the gameplay video and the video theme. In BigBox it seems to default to the video theme if there is one - is that correct? If so, can we delete the gameplay video? Are there any themes that use both the theme video and gameplay video? As you can imagine hard drive space is a concern considering how large my LaunchBox folder has become.

I don't want to delete anything being used but would like to clean-up anything i don't need.

Thank you for everything!


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If you set to prioritize Game Theme Videos in your Big Box settings than will Big Box always use the videos in the “Themes” subfolder of the normal Video folder. But if it can’t find any videos for this game in this folder, it will automatically use the standard gameplay video (or screenshot if there doesn’t exist any videos at all) instead.

The standard gameplay videos and video themes are completely separated videos. So if you just want to keep the video themes it’s safe to delete your normal gameplay videos. Just keep in mind that may not every arcade game in your collection has a video theme so you may want to keep the normal gameplay videos for those games.

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Would be nice if you had the option, delete all standard videos if theme videos exists. (FEATURE REQUEST)

I'm at the point of copying my HyperSpin media to Launchbox but as I got 41663 video files to be precisely, I don't like to check every file if there is a theme video or not.


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