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  1. I recorded this demo. Looks like the backgrounds and plugins for the Arcade platforms is not working correctly. You can see it at the 20:40 mark in the below video. Is that the case for anyone else?
  2. Hi All - Here is a look at my LaunchBox / Big Box Build. As you all know, it is a permanent work in progress. Figured I would share it but also ask a question. I am using Retrohumanoid's Refried Theme. It's all working really well except the Arcade platforms. For some reason the background base art isn't displaying. I think this is related to a recent update. Anyone having the same issue? You can see it in this video around the 20:40 mark. The second video is the same system and demo but not a screenrecord. this was recorded with a camera to show my Philips Hue Light Sync Setup. I run the PC through a Hue Sync Box and the TV has 2 light strips and 4 playbars syncing with the colors on the screen. Here is the same demo but with the light sync:
  3. What is the latest official release? i had to go back to 11.2 to get it work. 11.3 and 11.4 are what broke it for me.
  4. Yea themes were broken if you had an external exfat drive. Jason is aware and made some fixes, but not sure if it was completely fixed.
  5. Did you ever get around to fixing the symbolic link issue with external exfat drives?
  6. What folder do these go in? Just the marquee folder in that platforms images?
  7. @Jason Carr thank you. Everything works well in 11.2
  8. @Jason Carr it is exFAT. Not sure if it matters but they are 8TB WD My Book drives
  9. @Jason Carr no I am running it on an external USB drive. Everything works well in 11.2 and throws errors in 11.4
  10. ok i reinstalled 11.2 and everything works perfectly. it is a launchbox issue with 11.4 and those themes. Not sure if anyone has let @Jason Carr know.
  11. didnt help - same exact issues. this is pretty frustrating - i didnt make any changes other than update to the public release.
  12. I did not try your file yet - i run big box on a seperate computer and haven't gotten to it yet. I will uninstall c++, then download and reinstall myself (instead of letting launchbox). If that doesn't work i can reinstall 11.4. How do i do that without deleting all of my settings? do i just go to the Updates folder and install it over the same directory?
  13. I also have the most recent version - i am assuming something screwed up in the install. It had me install c++. So maybe i'm missing something elsewhere - it's incredibly annoying because everything worked then a few weeks ago I upgraded to a beta which wasnt loading, then i reverted back to an older version and stopped doing beta - now this. I wonder if that beta reinstall screwed something up.
  14. I’m pretty sure it’s happening regardless of the view or theme.
  15. Here you go PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml SystemView.xaml
  16. Here's a video of when and where it happens:
  17. Here are 2 of the several errors. This happened with unified redux and refried. How do I turn on logs and access them? This is messy, I’m not on beta.
  18. I’ll have to try those and see. My entire build was built around refried so hoping that starts working again.
  19. Hi All, I haven’t used Big Box in a while. I’ve been updating regularly but not playing. Today I tried to use Big Box with Unified Refried and kept getting all sorts of errors and images not showing up. Switched to City Hunter, same thing. Do these older themes just not work anymore? Am I having an issue?
  20. Is Unified Refried working for you - i'm getting a bunch of errors all the sudden
  21. I went back to 11.2 and that fixed it.
  22. I re-ran the install and it didn't work. I moved data folder backups and it didnt work. then i installed the beta in a different folder and tried to run it - same exact issue.
  23. Hi All, I updated yesterday to whatever the latest beta is. Now when i open the exe i get the "initializing" screen and then it immediately closes. Help!
  24. yes it is. Using wireless Xbox 360 controller. Most compatible and easiest to set up
  25. Hi Guys - Sorry if i am a dope and missed this somewhere... I thought i read that one of the releases allowed the ability to control the the startup screens at the platform level. Is this true? If so, where are those settings? i only see the very limited settings in the main tools menu.
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