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Launchbox asking for wrong drive


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My Launchbox is on the C:\ drive along with the emulators. The roms are on an external drive (labeled T:\) when trying to launch games I get repeated errors saying it cannot find the D:\ drive and asking to create directories.

There isnt even a D:drive and when I check the emulator directory they are pointing to the correct location except this program decides it arbitrarily should be on a non existent drive letter.

*edit forgot to mention its happening with multiple emulators. I have deleted config files in the affected emulators but it still keeps trying to move directories.

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Q1 yes they were imported from their permanent location on the external array.

Q2 I checked and then re-browsed to their location on c: drive I set them up myself this is the first install so I had to find them all manually.

Q3 One of the emulators had a cfg file from prior use but I had deleted it.

The fact that its multiple emulators has me perplexed. Not to mention this is the initial install and I put all the emulators in manually and the computer does not even posess a D:\ drive

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