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Big Box - Poor performance when browsing games


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I've been tearing my hear out trying to figure this out. When I scroll through my games in Big Box mode I get a ton of lag / skipping as Big Box loads the art for each game. I am running Big Box off of a SSD. I have a fairly beefy rig (4790k processor, 16GB RAM, and 980Ti, not that the video card should affect anything). 

I am using the CriticalZone theme but I experiencing the poor performance even with the default theme. I do not have any game videos downloaded, but I am using platform videos. I don't seem to experience any lag when browsing the platforms. I have attached images of the relevant options.

Any help is appreciated!






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We have another thread talking quite a lot about this sort of thing and it seems to be a problem for some people and not a problem for others like myself. Here is that other thread if you want to take a look.

First I would test though and see if you have issues using the default themes built into Launchbox instead of 3rd party ones. Other things I would suggest trying just to see if it makes any difference to your performance is in the Transitions section set them all to none. Then in Images lower your Coverflow Image Quality 1 notch, you really shouldn't see much if any difference in the boxart quality. Also in there set the Coverflow Reflection Opacity to 0%.

Like I said though, others are having some issues but on my main gaming rig which has an AMD 8350 @4 GHz, 16 gigs of ram and an GTX 970 GPU (Graphics card does help in BigBox mode) and everything runs butter smooth with the changes I suggested above. I also do not use any 3rd party themes at all.

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Thanks for the link to the other thread. I'll browse through it and see if there's anything I can try out. I've tried turning all transitions to None with the default theme and unfortunately I'm still getting poor performance. I forgot to mention in the original post that I'm on Windows 10. 

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2 hours ago, lordmonkus said:

Well Jason and Brad both say Windows 10 is a help but I don't use it and performance is fine. I should also mention that my install is on a Western Digital Red 2 TB SATA hard drive. This performance issue seems to be tricky to narrow down because it is not affecting all users.

If I remember correctly what Jason explained to me about it, it is due to .Net or XAML. Something in the way that Microsoft's code has changed makes it more performant on later operating systems. It's something they changed or enhanced that can't be replicated on older OSes, and we take advantage of it.

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On 12/16/2016 at 1:05 AM, SentaiBrad said:

Do you have any actively running software? RAM Cleaners, AV Software, Firewall, that sort of thing. Have you run maintenance recently or updated drivers?

Nothing actively running except for the built-in AV with Windows 10. All of my drivers are up-to-date. I play games all of the time and they run as smooth as can be expected with my specs. 

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