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Made some bad decisions when adding Arcade


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Hi! i did select to keep files in its original place when adding mame roms.

Now i want to move my backup and now i understand why i chould have moved them.

I can of course re add them. 

But i spendt several evenings deleting non working games in launchbox.

So i want to keep that work.

Is theres som xml file or db where i can search and replace all file llocationstrings?

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@Mandoo Yes there is a way you can do it. The xml file you are looking for is in your LaunchBox\Data\Platforms folder as there is a seperate xml file in there for all your platforms. You need to edit the mame.xml or arcade.xml depending on what you named the platform. The easiest way would be to open the xml file in notepad++ and search and replace all with the correct path you want your mame roms to be in. I would advice to make a backup of your xml file before doing so.

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As long as the MAME specific rom importer came up, it should be good. If all the names were changed from shorthand to normal, and you found metadata and media, you imported them right. The MAME Importer was the one during import that had all those check boxes about region and types of games. One of the check boxes is to not import known non-working games, but this is for MAME Standalone, not MAMEUI and the build could be slightly different, I don't know.

If you may need more help, we do have a tutorial on MAME. It's a bit out dated, some of the sections like about Lightspeed for example can be ignored because the software hasn't been updated, for it's still all there for the most part. Just replace what ever version of MAME I was using for MAME .180.


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