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Cannot launch a game with a quote in the name?


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I added some MSDOS games to Launchbox - the King's Quest series. When I try and run one I get the error message:

Because of a limitation with DOSBox's command line usage, Launchbox cannot launch games with a single-quote (') character in the folder structure or file name. Please either move the game to a folder that does not contain single-quote characters in it (or its parents), or leave the application path blank and manually run the game in the DOSBox configuration file's [autoexcec] section.

Is this expected behaviour? Do I really have to rename all my DOS games which contain a single quote to get this to work? Thanks!

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Sadly, yes you do. It's a limitation of DOS. What you could do, is try and grab DOSBox LFN (Long File Name), and replace the default DOSBox in LB with that one. It provides a ton of improvements, and I think it removes restrictions like that. You could also try a program that batch renames, and replace ' with a space or nothing. 

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There are a ton of different DOSBox builds that are technically better, but this is one that we for sure can distribute with LB. Not to mention, I'm not sure Jason was completely aware of the different versions at the time, and some versions do have different commands for different functions. For example, DOSBox Daum doesn't work when installing a DOS game via ISO or Disc inside of LB, the commands are slightly different. So it would require a decent amount of time to swap over. A user changing the version of DOSBox isn't too hard, but some versions like DOSBox-x (the version I want to use) doesn't quite work with LB. The DOSBox SVN builds (which DOSBox-x is based on, but with more features), should work and provide a more up-to-date vanilla-ish DOSBox experience, and should be fine. Even DOSBox LFN may have some quirks that I don't know about, when trying to use it with LaunchBox, so sometimes things may not function properly (like installing a game from a Disc).

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